20 Best Referral Programs 2019 – Highest Paying Per Referral

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These days, the internet has become a big boon for people who wish to make money on the side online and add to their financial well-being. Some people have also made the shift and live a nomadic lifestyle, being able to travel the world on their own schedule and fund their travel lifestyle using the Best referral programs.

However, for a newcomer, the online world can be a challenging place to break into and make your mark, and earn enough money to be even somewhat financially independent. If you are one of these newcomers and wish to make money easily online by just logging in from your computer, you can certainly start today if you wish to!


A lot of bloggers and social media enthusiasts believe that making money online through affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create your online business and get established.

This is because there is a very low entry level and almost anyone can do it as long as they get the means of doing so and have the willingness to put in not more than a few hours every day. However, It is a much easier market to break into than any kind of web development, web design or copy-writing, which can be extremely competitive and not worth the hassle.

However, one of the main disadvantages of affiliate marketing is the fact that you have to put in a lot of effort into marketing the products given to you to a wide variety of people, and if you do not have at least a basic knowledge in how marketing works, this can be a very difficult issue for you.

This is where High paying referral programs comes in . With referral marketing, you need not sell anything to anybody. All you need to do is simply refer people to a particular site and make sure you write tempting pieces for people to join that site.

Why we chose referral program?

And you will be rewarded very well for it, and you can earn money by referral links in this way. Also , You can make money by simply paying attention to conversations already going on on websites or social media sites, and you need to refer people onto a certain website and make sure they are taking some actions. Some Referral programs that pay daily for the work done.

Sometimes, Best referral programs will pay you real money through a medium like PayPal or Payoneer. But at times, referral programs will also give you other great benefits such as non-monetary stuff, coupons and codes to make their product cheaper.

So if you already use a certain product and wish to get it for free, you simply need to refer people to it and engage in referral marketing. Additionally , No matter what kind of benefits you get, you always stand to profit from doing referral marketing.

In addition

To these monetary benefits, you can also get commission on the products that your users use on a regular basis. You might have seen some YouTubers promote certain products, such as online college courses or makeup products and cosmetics on their channel. This is essentially a type of referral marketing.

This is not an opportunity you would like to miss if you wish to go for a side business that you can fund your lifestyle through, or earn money full-time by giving up your job and working from home as well.

However, if you wish to enter this market, it is important to do your research, as you would not like to find out a few months in, that you have been getting underpaid for the same amount of effort as someone else in the industry.

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Therefore, we have brought you a list of 20 best referral programs to make money online and also  Best referral programs for bloggers, that provide the highest benefit to you. Simply go ahead and look into this list to make your choice on the best referral program for you.

20 High Paying Referral Programs

1. Hostinger Affiliate Program – Best Referral Program 2019

Hostinger Affiliate Program - Best Referral Program 2019

If you refer people to Hostinger, you can assure them that they offer elite services such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, domain registration and a easy to use website builder. Also , It is free for you to start earning money through referrals almost immediately, and it is the most converting affiliate program.
Earn upto 60% commission per sale.

They offer elite services such as:

  • Domain Name Registration: Get your desired domain name for your website
  • Shared Hosting: It’s a user-friendly and affordable web hosting solution suitable for small to medium websites
  • Cloud Hosting: It’s a powerful and managed cloud hosting solution perfect for large-scale projects and high-traffic sites
  • VPS Hosting: It’s dedicated resources and root access offers you complete freedom to set your own rules
  • WordPress Hosting: It’s robust wordpress hosting solution is optimized for the best WordPress performance
  • Easy Website Builder: Studded with tools and drag-and-drop editor for a responsive and SEO optimized website

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2. Ezoic

Ezoic Referral Programs

This is website intelligence platform meant for use by publishers. It is free to start using and offers great ad placements, layouts, themes and much more. Ezoic is easy to set up and use, and works automatically.

Referrers can earn 3% of a publisher’s “Ezoic Earnings” for the lifetime when they use the Ezoic system. You get credited with a sale immediately when a new publisher begins using Ezoic.
Earn 3% commission for lifetime.

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3. SurveySavvy

Surver Savvy Referral Programs

This site conducts surveys for people and is very easy to use for anyone. The more surveys you get, the more money your audience can stand to earn. You on the other hand, earn a hefty money for them signing up as well, which is a great deal. You can also Earn money by referral link.

4. Shopify


This is a well-known e-commerce platform that helps you establish your brand name with a custom domain and online store. You get to choose what your store looks like, and you can easily personalise it.
With Shopify, earn a hefty commission of an average of $58 for each paid plan signup.

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5. MightyDeals

MightyDeals Referral Programs

This is daily deals website that searches a wide variety of stores and gets you the best deals possible from all of them, for web and creative developers and professionals. Also, You can save money on eBooks, icons, templates, themes, apps and fonts and so much more.

Earn a good commission of 25% on all sales that take place through your affiliate link.

6. ThriveThemes

ThriveThemes Referral Programs

This is the best place for powerful feature rich WordPress plugins and themes. It helps you convert your web traffic into money easily as a blogger, and they are built for speed, readability and efficiency.

Also , Earn a good commission of as much as 35% from this site.Earn money by referral links visited from the thrive themes.

7. Fiverr

fiverr Referral Programs

This is a well-known site for freelancing services. You can use Fiverr for logos, copywriters, web design and development and much more. However, It is free to join and easy to sue and you can start selling your services from day one of joining and earn as much money as you need to.
Earn CPA of up to $150.

8. SEMrush


This is an SEO digital toolkit online that professionals all use to drive web traffic effectively to their site. It is trusted by reliable and top brands like eBay, Quora, HP, Booking.com and many more.
Earn a good commission of up to 40% for every new user.

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9. NordVPN


You might have seen these ads on Youtube already. This is an effective VPN service for all your needs if you are concerned with protecting your privacy in this digital age of online trackers.
Earn a great commission of up to 100%!

10. LambdaTest

lambda test

This is a free cross-browser testing experience on cloud that allows you to perform live interactive cross-browser testing of local or publically hosted websites so you can ensure you are showing the right info to your audience. In addition , Earn a potential commission of 25% recurring for lifetime.

11. Payoneer


This is a great alternative paying system for anyone who cannot use PayPal. It allows you to transfer money across any platform or country and is great if you wish to work as a freelancer online.
Earn money by referral link, $25 for each referral that converts.

12. Google G Suite

G Suite

This is a businessman and entrepreneur’s staple program for managing documents, slideshows, sheets and much more. Also, They will pay you a great referral fee for referring their program.
Earn $15 for each user that pays for G Suite.

13. Dropbox


This is a well-known program for hosting all your information whether it’s files, videos, photos, or more. It offers 2 GB of free space for its basic plan.

However, if you promote its referral program you can get up to 16 GB of free space.
Earn free 500 MB of free bonus space for each referral.

14. RevenueHits


This site functions as an adsense alternative. It will give you a high paying referral program that can give you up to 10% of earnings if a user signs up under your name.
Earn 10% of publisher’s earnings.

15. Media.net

Media.net - best referral program for bloggers

This functions as contextual advertising created by Yahoo and Bing. You can earn up to 10% of the earnings of your user up to 18 months from the date that your end users sign up. However , It will also provide you with 10% bonus earnings.

16. Bidvertiser


You can introduce this to your audience and get credit for them signing up, so you can earn a passive income. You get $5 for each $10 that your advertiser spends. And also will get additional $50 when the same advertiser will spend $50 more. The payment is quick and easy and done through PayPal.

17. GetResponse


This is a great email marketing tool used by professionals and businesspeople everywhere. It will allow you to earn $30 by referring another person who will also earn $30 to get started, for free. Earn money by referral links visited by the Getresponse.

18. Infolinks


This is a popular and well-known online ad networks. It will give you 10% of the revenue of the publisher.

19. Viglinks


This will provide you with up to 35% of the commission for the beginning year from the user you refer to this program. In addition,  It is useful for people who are starting out in the referral marketing program. It will convert outgoing links into affiliate links.

20. ClickBank


This is an online marketing place for digital info products. It provides a 22% commission for you, with an add-on of 5% on every sale the vendor does for one full year.

Wrap Up’

We hope that the above list of 20 High Paying Referral Programs for Bloggers and Affiliates provides some value for what you were looking for. If you have any question or suggestion regarding referral program do share your views with us in the comment section below.

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