Best Sources To Get High Authority DoFollow Backlinks

Use of High Authority dofollow attribute for Dofollow blogs and Dofollow forums helps you to boost your backlinks and give link love. Links to a high PR blog or forum are good for promoting your Google Page Rank for your blog, especially if you are active in a niche forum that allows do-follow backlinks, you will not only get a quality link to the site, but you will also get targeted traffic.

When we think of sources of high-quality do-follow backlinks we think mainly about directory submissions, blog comments, social bookmarking, guest posting, web 2.0 site, etc. I agreed that these are the most powerful sources for getting backlinks. But there are many other ways to rank your post in the search engine with high-quality do-follow backlinks as well.

Benefits of Making DoFollow Backlinks

  • Search engine rankings improvement
  • Increase search traffic
  • Improve Domain Authority
  • Alexa rank improvement
  • Increase your Adsense CPC
  • Improve your google page rank

Some of Top Sources To Get High Authority DoFollow Backlinks

1. Blogger is a blogging platform for creating a blog for free, you can also get dofollow backlinks with in a simple way.


How to get dofollow backlinks from
  1. Create a free blog from
  2. Write some good articles.
  3. Link your main blog URL from it.
  4. That’s all! You’ll successfully get do-follow backlinks from Blogger.

2. Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites with high page rank and high page authority. You will not only get high-quality do-follow backlinks but you can get huge traffic from Reddit to your blog. So, here’s how you can get high-quality do-follow backlinks from Reddit.


How to get dofollow backlinks from Reddit
  1. Create an account on
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Submit your blog post link.
  4. That all! Now you’ll successfully get high PR & high authority backlinks from Reddit.

3. Google+

You might not know the fact that Google+ can provide you do-follow links very easily. As the site is actually Google itself, so creating do-follow backlinks directly from Google to your blog will surely gonna help you a lot.


How to get dofollow backlinks from Google+
  1. Login to your Google+ account.
  2. Edit Your About Us Section.
  3. Add your blog URL in Links.
  4. Save it and you’re done.

4. YouTube

YouTube is the largest video-sharing site by Google. It provides quality backlinks to its members. You can also add your link in the about section but these all are no-follow backlinks. So, here is the proper way to get do-follow backlinks from it.


How to get do-follow backlinks from YouTube
  1. Log in to YouTube using your Google account.
  2. Go to Advanced Channel Settings -> Associated Website.
  3. Add your site URL in Associated Website.

Note: To add your site to an Associated Website, you must verify ownership of your blog using your Google Webmaster account.

5. WordPress is also a free blogging platform where you can build awesome blogs for free. You can easily give nofollow or dofollow backlinks to any website using WordPress.


How to get do-follow backlinks from

Use the same process that you’ve done in to get do-follow backlinks from it.

  1. Create a free blog
  2. Write good articles.
  3. Link your main blog URL from it to get do-follow backlinks from
  4. That’s it!

6. Yahoo Answers

Getting do-follow backlinks from Yahoo is a great idea because Yahoo has high page rank & high authority and it can also boost your search engine ranking.

Yahoo Answers

How to get do-follow backlinks from Yahoo Answers:

Getting dofollow backlinks from Yahoo Answers is not difficult. Simply, you have to answer some questions with your site URL with it. But you need to increase your levels in Yahoo Answers to gain some high PR backlinks. That’s only you have to do to get High PR 9 backlinks from Yahoo Answers.


Mozilla.ORG  is a very high reputed website with a PageRank of 9 which is maximum attainable for any website. Steps to get free do-follow backlinks from

How to get do-follow backlinks from
  1. Go to Mozilla extension
  2. Click on Verification Link at your email account from Mozilla to activate your account, after submitting the form.
  3. After activation, login to Mozilla with your credentials and visit your profile page.
  4. Put a short bio with your website’s link.
  5. That’s it! You get high authority do-follow backlinks from
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