What Is A Link Shorteners?

A link shortener is a tool that allows the user to shorten a long link into a short one. Simply, you just have to paste your long link into their search or shortener bar and rest work will be done by the tool. 

This process usually takes 5 seconds and you’ll get a short link instead of a long one. How cool it is. Isn’t it? 

Two types of link shorteners are available in the market, one is free and another called paid by which you can earn money. 

Free URL shorteners let users use their link shortening service for free. They don’t charge you in exchange for usage of the service. 

Paid URL shorteners or paid link shorteners allow users to signup for free and then to use their service. 

But, that does not end here. When you shorten your link through paid URL shorteners, you can use them anywhere on the internet to get clicks. Now, when someone clicks on your short link, you’ll get paid.

How Do Paid Link Shorteners Earn?Banner Ads

Paid link shorteners earn money by showing ads to users. Actually, they redirect users to destination pages. Before reaching the users to the destination URL, link shorteners display third-party ads to them.

So, in simple words, they earn money through advertisements and then part of that money is taken by the Links Shoteners and rest given to the publishers like you who promotes shorten links.

Now, Let’s talk about the top 3 paid link shorteners. So, here we go:-

1. ShrinkMe.io – Monetize your traffic with Best Payout Rates

Best URL Shortener to Make Money Online 1

Shrinkme is a paid URL shortener by which you can earn up to $220/10k views. This website has an amazing interface that provides an engaging user experience. 

You can simply signup to this site and start earning right away. You’ll get $1 for signup and the minimum payout is $5.

And, you don’t need to wait for the weekend to receive your payment if you accomplish the threshold amount because their payment frequency is on a daily basis.

You can also read our complete review and see our payment proof here: ShrinkMe.io Review


  • $1 Sign Up Bonus
  • Daily Payment:- This network pays to publishers on a daily basis after reaching the threshold amount.
  • Payment Proof:- You can see the real payment proof on this website to see whether it is trusted or not. Simply visit the site and click on the payment proof section in the menu. You’ll see real payments done through Paytm, Paypal or other payment methods.
  • $5 minimum payout:- The minimum payout is $5 and it is not hard to achieve if you have good traffic on your website.
  • Payment Methods:- You can receive your payment through Bitcoin, Paypal, Payoneer, UPI (India), Paytm (India), Bank transfer (India), Skrill.

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2. UNIshort.com


Unishort is a newly launched URL shortener that allows publishers to earn money through shorten links. 

This network is new in the market but gaining trust because of its daily payment method. Yes, they pay publishers on a daily basis.

For signing up on this network, simply click on the upper right corner on the signup button. After clicking the signup button, you’ll get a form with 4 fields including “Username”, “Email”, “Password”, “Re-enter password”. 

Fill these all fields, check the agree to the terms and conditions then proceed to earn money.

You can also get a 35% amount from the earning of the publishers who joined this network by your referral link. Basically, you can be an affiliate too. 


  • $5 minimum payout:- Threshold amount is $5 for Paytm, $50 for bank and $5 for Paypal. This is not a big figure so you can accomplish this goal daily.
  • Daily Payment:- This network pays to publishers on a daily basis after reaching the threshold amount.

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3. Linksly.co


Linksly is another paying URL shortener by which you can earn up to $210/10k views.  This network has strictly prohibited to ask people to click on your short links. 

You can’t make money until your users click on the short link with their own willing otherwise, your account may get banned for forcing your users.

You can rely on this network because they write valid instructions in their FAQ section. Clear all your doubts by reading their FAQ page.

Linksly will pay you 20% earning of the publishers which came to their network by your reference. In short, you can also make money through the referral system.  


  • $1 Sign Up Bouns for New Users
  • Daily Payment Facility:- You can withdraw your payment daily(within 6 hours)after reaching the threshold balance.
  • Minimum Payout:- You can get your payment in Paypal at reaching $5, Payoneer at reaching $50, Paytm at $5, UPI at $5, and in Bitcoin wallet at $20.

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