Best Crypto Ad Networks

Introduction to Crypto Ad Networks

Crypto/Cryptocurrency is very sensitive in the past few years, many of the advertising networks are extremely avoiding to take any advertisement related to the cryptocurrency because of its acceptance or unacceptance around the world.

Many of the big platforms like Facebook, Google, etc are a great example of the companies’ decline to promote the cryptocurrencies advertisement.

But apart from all of these a huge group still interested in the market about cryptocurrency. Hence, there is a time where the best crypto ad networks are needed by the publishers.

After taking care of all the aspect, I found 10 crypto ad networks which are developed with great services/features like powerful portfolio, effective pricing, a wide range of ads format, excellent customer care, honest analytics, and many more factors.

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Why We Should Go For Crypto Ad Networks?

A question arrives on every publisher’s mind who is switching to the crypto ad network,’ Is it a great choice to turn crypto network?’ or ‘ Is it the worst choice to go for crypto?

I can understand the state of the problem or query you are stuck in. So, it is very important to go through all the thoughts and make them resolved.

Well, here are quick facts which will help you to pack up your mind thoughts satisfied and make sure to go for the best crypto ad network or make you assure that it is not essential for you to go or shift on any crypto network.

Let’s start with the points one-by-one:-

Higher CPM:- The ad networks that are promoting crypto are getting paid a good amount of money via advertisers. It is making networks to pay the publishers higher CPM as compared to the many other ad networks.

To understand the criteria of the CPM, suppose if a network decided to give $4 CPM, once you got 1000 impressions on the ads of the networks, they have to pay you at least $4 to you in any condition.

Higher CPM gives you the advantage to earn money faster through the best crypto network, as it directly connected to the amount of income you earn from the network.

People’s interest:- To understand this fact, we need to study the increase in the interests of the people. The high engagement in the financial sector is required but let me take you to introduce it simply and easily.

After all the boom of crypto happens, a huge number of people got cheated but still, the crypto is an interesting topic where people want to take to risk through investing in it. And a plenty group of people is still interested to know the update or upgrades of the crypto to stay connected or informed to the market.

So, to take benefit from those people’s interest, you can go for the crypto ad network. It is a great way to take advantage of it.

Note: Traffic and Niche are the most important thing, you need to think of. It is an important fact, suppose a love audience would never try to know the binary concept, for them it is a computer language only.

Payout:- Every publisher expect the returns as soon as possible, and to take the benefits as soon as they can. So, it is quite obvious the publisher must be looking for the platform crypto ad networks who payout more easily and at a minimum level.

Most of the crypto networks are supposed to pay on the very low amount payouts and the withdrawal is extremely faster than other ad networks.

It is a fact that crypto is having a huge financial bunch of amount, it is a great option for the publisher to go for best crypto ad networks with the feature/policies suitable for them.

10 Best Crypto Ad Networks

However, as we now know mostly every important facet of the crypto networks, it is the time to introduce you to the 10 best crypto ad networks with the details about their specific special features, payment criteria, and many more things. It will help you to decide the best out of all the crypto ad networks.

Let’s take your seat and originate your mind to choose from the list:-

1) A-ads

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 2

A-ads or anonymous ads are known as the oldest and trusted crypto ad network. It pays for the traffic as well as for the valuable action taken by your traffic. As it is work on the CPC and CPM.

However, A-ads signup is not essential, you can easily start the work by giving them your bitcoin address. A-ads are well-known for their payment which is always done on time. You must be at least never get disappointment regarding the payout.

It has a great hassle-free interface which makes the visitors hold on their website and visitors take up affluent user experience. You will be waiting for the verification process in many networks while a-ads doesn’t want the user verification.

2) Coinzilla

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 3

Coinzilla is a crypto network that was founded in 2016. It is extremely popular for its bitcoin advertising and recommended by a huge number of reputed financial websites.

It has a wide range of ad formats such as native ads, banner ads, and more which will boost your site revenue as well as user experience. Coinzilla guarantees the publisher to serve a 99% fill rate in ads.

Coinzilla is one of the best crypto ads networks which pay for CPA, CPC, and CPM. The withdrawal is easier as you can take it in the bank, bitcoin, and ethereum. The payout you can receive daily once you had crossed the minimum payout amount.

The main thing is that they approve only those publishers whom websites who have a good rank in Alexa and good loading speed and must be user-friendly.

3) Adslop

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 4

Adslop is a well-knowing crypto network with distinct types of ad dimensions. Basically, Adslop connects advertisers and publishers. Advertisers need to choose their targeted audience and budget. Also, they need to submit their ads in the Adslop account which they want to display for attracting a targeted audience.

Publishers can display the ads on their websites to deliver relevant traffic to the advertiser’s site. Publishers can use distinct ad dimensions to generate the highest revenue. All publishers need to do generate ad codes by using the Adslop publisher account. The process of ad sell and traffic exchange will be handled by the Adslop platform.

In short, this is an incredible platform for the publishers as well as for the advertisers. Publishers can earn a meaningful revenue and advertisers can get traffic at very low cost which is the best option to maintain efficiency.

4) Bitmedia.IO

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 5

Bitmedia is the best crypto ad network if you have a good bunch of audiences who relate to the cryptocurrency. It is really focused on the user experience and has the ads which are in text and video as well.

It was nice and flexible pricing which works for both publishers who like to work on CPM or CPC. They highly prohibited traffic which is artificial or fake given by any publisher. The publisher has no right to take incentive in that case.

They also do not approve website which encourages visitors to click on ads. It doesn’t have any minimum payout, you can bid here which is 0.0000205 BTC and 0.000025 for CPC and CPM ads respectively.

Bitmedia is now only providing the text and display ads to their publishers. But still, it is an excellent bunch of publishers.

5) Cointraffic

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 6

Cointraffic is a popular cryptocurrency ad network and a good position in the market. It is established in 2014 with the vision to serve the best services to the advertisers as well as publishers.

It provides the Website skins, banner ads, and native ads which boost your website reliability and flexibility.

However,  you need to simply put one piece of code on your website which means Cointraffic can put ads and you can also manage it. It works on both the flexible pricing of CPM and CPC.

Cointraffic itself has a good domain score which helps them to reach 10,000 people every month. Although, you can ask for withdrawal any time by making a request to there team who are very supportive and experienced.

6) TokenAd

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 7

TokenAd is the best crypto ad network in the way of serving the ads to the viewers which are in the type of native ads, bottom line ads, Banner Ads, and Video ads. tokenAd works on RTB which are beneficial for both publishers and advertisers of crypto ads networks.

They are focused on the approve the websites which are relevant for its ads which are presented on behalf of the advertiser.

TokenAd is pricing on the basis of CPM and CPC, the pay is dependent upon the traffic you give to them. They are new in the market but creating an excellent image. However, it supports 25 different languages to boost advertising.

7) Mellow Ads

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 8

Mellow Ads is the leading crypto ad network that offers you the payment on the models of CPM and CPC. It is providing the ads format of banner and pop-under with an effective look which makes your website more flexible.

The management of the ads is very easy as compared to the crypto ad networks. You can easily customize your website with its ads.

Mellow Ads are popular in the market for their instant performance statistics provided to their publishers.

You can receive the revenue daily which you earned through your website ads on the unique click and visits. But the demerit of this crypto ad network is payment which is only paid through bitcoin.

8) Adbit

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 9

Adbit is mostly popular for its return to its publisher which is fairly higher than many of crypto ad networks. Here, are the ad-space is bought by the advertiser.

Ad-space which is on your website is bought by the advertiser. The higher bid advertiser gets the ads on the website’s ad-space.

However, Adbit itself can monetize your website and use the space in an effective way. Its payment is made quickly as soon as you start the serving of the ads.

The format of presenting the ads is only in the banner which can be in text, image or interactive format. The adbit is known for its efficiency and real-time payment.

9) Adshares

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 10

Adshares is the growing crypto ads network that is focused to give advertising ecosystem. It is a platform where the publishers and advertisers deal directly and pay through cryptocurrencies.

The main feature of the Adshares is its blockchain which wholly based on the ESC ecosystem. This is an effective way because the other blockchain just makes the miners rich.

Adshares are popular for their payment which much quicker than many of the best crypto ad networks. However, they believe in the instant payment to the publishers.

It is the solution to the increasing centralization and lack of transparency in the market. Adshares is also a platform who is serving at a very affordable price.

10) CoinAd

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 11

CoinAd is the best crypto ad network which is making simple and instant advertising for the publisher as well as the advertiser.

The new publishers are only getting approved on an invite basis. It is a fairly hard task to get approval because they only accept websites who have Alexa rank below 100k and have page impressions over 100k daily.

They are committed to serving the quality traffic to the advertisers. You will be paid through Paypal or bitcoin at the end of each week. However, publishers get higher returns as compared to the other crypto network.

CoinAd has a very good reputation in the market because of its quality traffic which is provided to its advertisers.

11) AdEx

10+ Best Crypto Ad Networks 12

AdEx is another best crypto ad network for its loyalty to publishers and advertisers. Their aim is to solve the problems of advertising fraud, privacy, and consent.

The AdEx already had a huge number of international publishers. You are welcomed if you have quality traffic which is necessary.

A unique fact about the AdEx is, it is built on ethereum and 100%* ads serving to its publishers. It has a multi-device ad serving feature which is relevant for website flexibility and reliability.

However, AdEx is providing a clear and transparent report to their publisher. But it has demerit as their customer care is not satisfying.

Apart from this, they are committed to paying the publishers on time which is an important aspect for the leading crypto ad network.


Crypto ad networks are their own merits and demerits but it is up to you to choose the best which is suitable for you. Best crypto ad networks are just above you with the detailed data which is needed to assure the best for you. Check out the whole list and let me know, is it useful to you? Comment down and also ask for any query/question regarding the article.

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