Are you getting high ad expenses from your Facebook campaigns without any benefits? Then this is the best article you are going to read about our curated list Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools.

It is really a hard task to run a perfect Facebook ad campaign with an excellent response.

However, it is quite normal you have some competitors who running a successful ad campaign.

And, this is the time where social ads tool helps us and we realize their presence. Social ads tool include ads spy tool which will help you to solve your query.

The spying tool gives you information about your competitor’s ads campaign statistics. Hopefully, some facebook ads spy tools are also available to check out the statistics of competitor’s Facebook ads.

Finally, These tools are not fully reliable but still, the Facebook spy tool gives you an incredible idea to change your strategy and direct you to engage with the more audience.

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

You might be amazed to know the top 20 Facebook ads spy tools which will be perfect for the strategy build-up and take you a step ahead from your competitor.

Let’s start the spying tool without any delay and discussing any unreasonable things. And the list begins with:-

1. Social Ad Scout.

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 1

Social ad scout is a leading spy tool. It is widely used by a large number of people to make their ad campaigns. It provides ideas of social ads from around the world.

Social Ad Scout is a really helpful spy tool as they provide us detailed information, exact target detail, detailed observation, and landing page details as well.

Apart from this, Social ad scout provides live ads that mean they show you an actual screenshot of the live ad and you can also download the landing page.


  1. A high variety of ad formats.
  2. Live/instant update.
  3. Cover the data/details of both desktop and mobile ads.
  4. You can save the favorite ad format to work in the future.

2. AdPlexity

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 2

AdPlexity is one of the Facebook ads spy tools. It is well known for its excellent and relevant interface.

Moreover, You can find a successful campaign by the keyword also. This spying tool will give you the advantage to find out the most relevant information.

The data is provided by 75+ countries. However, you can also find out the hidden campaigns running on mobile/desktop.


  1. Unique filter i.e. filter by keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network.
  2. Shows you the latest ad trend and source of traffic.
  3. You can download any landing page.
  4. A perfect spy tool for mobile, desktop, and native ads.

3. AdEspresso

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 3

When we are talking about spy tool, AdEspresso has a pretty awesome reputation in the market.

It is specifically used for the Facebook ads, it is easy to navigate the website and powered by the Hootsuite.

However, the main thing about AdEspresso is, it includes a high-grade variety of unique features to make your campaign successful with little hard work. Hence, it is considered as a perfect Facebook spy tool for making a strong campaign.


  1. It has an automatic page post promotion.
  2. You can collect a PDF report to analysis better.
  3. At last, It simplifies the way to create dynamic Ads.
  4. AdEspresso provides asset manager i.e., is a great way to manage and analyze your assets and audience collectively in one place.

4. Connect Explore

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 4

Connect Explore is an amazing social ads tool to make a successful campaign. It is wonderful in finding out the best target audience for your campaign.

However, the automated SMART tool of this spy tool professes to give you the interests which can never identify by your competition.

Connect Explore gives you a concise, optimized, and relevant report of ad results. It is full of detailed stats of your specific interest


  1. Instant matrices of each interest are given in a classified and concise way.
  2. Whole research/analysis is done here (You don’t have to go other tools to get the analysis of the results)
  3. Interest layering option which is very rare on spy tool.

5. WhatRunsWhere20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 5

WhatRunsWhere is the best Facebook ad spy tool. It is used by an elite number of people. The amazing thing is, WhatRunsWhere give you updates about all the strategies of the competitor.

Likewise, It helps you to boost the revenue at the optimum through the help of successful campaigns.

Apart from this, it has numerous unique feature which helps you to plan your ads format and other important aspects.


  1. Analysis of the top campaigns going around the whole world. To execute a perfect plan for a successful campaign.
  2. Highly engaged with user satisfaction. Hence, it provides you with perfectly relevant, useful, and freshest data.
  3. Powerful analysis of the whole criteria and interests.

6) Anstrex

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 6

Anstrex is a famous Facebook spy tool. It helps you out with the most relevant traffic with your successful campaign. However, you may unwanted about its strategy-making techniques, the most relevant thing for any user.

However, the secrets of your competitors revealed with the unique features of Anstrex. It gives large data insights to understand the criteria more easily.

Anstrex has a feature that makes you acknowledge any landing page which you want to know.


  1. A quick test of landing pages.
  2. Powerful filter to know the strategies of competitors more conveniently.’
  3. Full Alexa & SimilarWeb integration gives you the advantage to drive more traffic.
  4. Deep data insights are helpful for any beginner as well as professional.

7) AdSpy

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 7

AdSpy is the leading social ads tool and has a great power to take your campaign at the extreme level that you can’t assume.

It has an extensive database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the whole world.

You can easily make your strategy and campaign with the help of filters. Similarly, The filters can use through the filter by the affiliate network, affiliate ID, Offer ID, and landing page technologies.


  1. Search through comment (an effective and rare feature available on Adspy).
  2. Specifically, Accurate demographics which focused on the location, gender, and age range to beat the strategies of the competitor.
  3. A fast interface to get the quality data in just some seconds.
  4. Simple and easy to navigate the whole website.

8) PayPerTrail

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 8

PayPerTrail uncovers the competitor’s strategies with brilliant demographics and unique features available as in the spying tool.

It gives you the authority to spy on the competitor’s most profitable campaigns and build an excellent strategy to make a successful campaign.

You can easily aware of the latest trend through the help of PayPerTrail superlative traits. Above all these, they also owe huge data of the ads which are related to Facebook and other platforms as well.


  1. You can easily save a great amount of time and increase ROI as well.
  2. PayPerTrail Helps you to increase the revenue effectively which is expected by every spy tool.
  3. It has a good range of mobile and desktop data collectively.

9) SEMrush

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 9

SEMrush is the most popular for its amazing features. It has a good reputation in the market for the relevancy of the data provided by them.

The SEMrush is specially used to manage the SEO, SMM, content, and advertising of your content.

Apart from the social ads tool, it is a perfect awarded digital marketing tool. However, It will help you to make your campaign better than ever with the effective ways and suggestion. The advertising strategies provided are very novel.


  1. Analysis of competitor budget and keywords.
  2. You can monitor the ad copy and landing page details more easily compared to another spy tool.
  3. Evaluation of the competitor ads at the optimum level to understand and build a perfect strategy for a successful campaign.

10) SpyFu

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 10

Spy is another spying tool for making a victorious campaign. It provides you, competitor’s ads statistics to understand their strategies about their ad campaign.

It is very useful and simple to use the features of SpyFu. The features are a very essential thing for any ad spy while it is rich in it.

Apart from all these, SpyFu has pretty amazing related to digital marketing also, for example, AdWords Competitors, PPC Keyword Research, PPC Keyword Suggestions, PPC Keyword Grouper, AdWords Templates, Ad History, etc.


  1. Uncover the competitor’s strategies and ads analysis.
  2. Give you the idea to select the perfect ads keywords.
  3. Protect from threats that can affect the ads keywords, it is a relevant feature as a social ads tool.

11) Social Ads Tool

Social Ads Tool is a classic example of a perfect ad spy. You would be amazed by its coolest features for taking you ahead of your competitor’s strategy.

It is an effective plan building tool. However, it gives a proper analysis of the social ads with detailed specifications and many more things to make a perfect campaign.

However, Social Ads Tool has numerous unique features that assist you to prepare the ads format and other important appearances.


  1. It has a variety of ad formats.
  2. Social Ads Tool are the largest data provider in respect of Facebook ads.
  3. A quiet easy-to-use and simple interface.

12) Advault

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 11

Advault is the best facebook spy tool. It is best at making the freakish native and landing pages.

It is just a perfectly amazing tool with a lot of filters for example Ad Keyword, Landing Page, Advertiser URL, Publisher, Language, Country, Device, Network, Redirects, Date, Range, Times Seen, and Ad Run.

You can find out strategies of competitors in the database of the Advault, hence it is easier to make the advertise perfectly on Facebook.


  1. You can easily monitor the competitor’s strategies and campaign analysis.
  2. Advault provides the Full CSV report to its users.
  3. You will be updated with the top ads, keywords, and advertisers of the day, week and year.

13) AdSector

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 12

AdSector is one of the social ads tools. It is a great tool to spy on the competitor’s ad strategies and analysis of their campaigns.

It is famous as the advanced advertising in the market. AdSector provides the most interesting and relevant database.

AdSector gives you the perfect campaign strategy to plan and run a successful campaign. It is a very useful spying tool.


  1. Full detailed analytics with Ad reach, Social media interactions/responses, Weekly trends, Demographic information and more.
  2. Image finder( it is a rare feature as the consumer is partly connected with images on ads tool).
  3. Advanced search and filtering to create a perfect and successful Facebook ad campaign.

14) PowerAdspy

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 13

PowerAdspy is the leading Facebook spy tool and a great tool to spy on the competitor’s perfect ads campaign.

This spying tool gives you access to examine the strategies of the competitors and you can follow it to boost the conversion from Facebook ads.

At last, the PowerAdspy tool is a great strategy building tool to get the proper response from the ads with the help of its incomparable features.


  1. An advanced search/filter option helps you build a great strategy.
  2. Likewise, the filters include search/filter by age, gender, relationship,  keyword, or filter by landing pages.
  3. You will get a detailed analysis of data in depth which helps you to get the higher results from fewer efforts.

15. SocialPeta

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 14

SocialPeta is a great tool to create the best marketing strategies on Facebook. This Facebook ads spy tool give you proper knowledge about your competitor strategy.

However, It is an effective data provider to beat your opponent with the strategies built by the SocialPeta.

The SocialPeta is an efficient spying tool to use for promoting ads on Facebook with respect to earn good revenue.


  1. Inventory intelligence to present you with the relevant database only.
  2. Brand influence ( give an analysis of the brands in social media ).
  3. ASO/ASM.
  4. It also shows the keywords in trend and their related keywords.
  5. SocialPeta also provides bidding analysis.

16. TrackMaven

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 15

TrackMaven is one of the best Facebook ads spy tools. It is well recognized for its unique and relevant interface.

It is salutary to make you prove marketing ROI. TrackMaven is known for the use of their database. Hence, they provide the most effective data which is relevant for your ads strategy.

TrackMaven will take you to the maximum state from where you will get higher returns and conversion with the help of their novel features.


  1. Detailed data analysis to get the perfect strategy.
  2. Do perfect planned strategy with the help of Social, Content, and Web Analytics.
  3. However, the expertise of the TrackMaven exclusively supports you to get the best strategy to improve the social campaigns.

17. Native Ad Buzz

Native Ad Buzz is an excellent Facebook spy tool and also held a good position as a social ads tool. It has pretty numerous traits that help you to get higher returns from your ads expenditure.

However, It has a comprehensive way to search and filter the ads through Ad Keyword, Landing Page, Advertiser URL, Publisher, Redirects, Date Range, etc to get the best strategy.

Let me tell you the amazing features of the Native ad buzz.


  1. The most relevant trending of real-time to build a perfect strategy.
  2. Native Ad Buzz has the feature of experiments. It will help you avoid the costly mistakes over ads.
  3. It has a filter of five types that include IOS tablet, IOS phone, android tablet, android phone, and desktop.

18) AdsExposed

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 16

AdsExposed is one of the trending spying tools because of its perfect results by applying their strategies on Facebook ads.

The leads are generated through AdsExposed to target the best campaign to be built. It is really a nice spy tool for making your campaign successful.

AdsExposed staff is committed to providing the best user experience. Hence, the support system is highly active to solve your query all the time.


  1. 4 Ways advantage strategy to make your campaigns victorious.
  2. Live case study to generate the best and relevant leads only.
  3. This spy tool provides you the best practical information about your competitor’s ads strategy.

19. Adbeat

20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 17

Adbeat is one of the best spying tools because of its updated results by applying their strategies on Facebook ads.

It collects data from 26 countries, 90+ different ad networks and 5 different devices. In short, it has a wide range of data. All this data is super efficacious for you.

Meanwhile, the mobile intel is in the beta version. It means, right now mobile and desktop Ad support is available in the united states only.

Adbeat mode operation involves several features like web crawling, raw data collection, and simple data visualization.


  1. Simple and effective data visualization.
  2. Wide and qualitative range of data.
  3. Potential to beat your competitors.


20 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 18 consists of a combo of tools i.e. Connect Audience, Connect Leads, Connect Retarget, and Connect Explore. This is one of the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools provides a lot of information regarding your competitor strategy.

However, You can steal their target and demographics to understand better statistics and build a perfect strategy.


  1. Simple and effective data visualization.
  2. Wide and qualitative range of data.
  3. Potential to beat your competitors.
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