Worlds’ Best Invisible Smartphone Protection – ProtectPax


ProtectPax, most innovative display protection for all glass surfaces like smartphones, tablets, glasses, etc.

  • Scratch resistant & break resistant (9H like Ruby)
  • Protection against electromagnetic radiation
  • Improves touchscreen functionality
  • Easy to apply – Water repellent
  • Invisible & lasts up to 365 days
  • Prevent fingerprints
Worlds’ Best Invisible Smartphone Protection
Scratch resistant & break resistant – 9H like Ruby

Many smartphone users use screen protectors and are disappointed once they find out that they do not protect the sensitive glass as they would have expected. We too were frustrated by this and searched for a much better and modern solution that Scratch resistant & break resistant. So, here is a good news for you, introducing liquid glass technology glass protector- ProtectPax, the most innovative display protection for all glass surfaces.

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ProtectPax - An invisible protection
ProtectPax – An invisible protection

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Modern Nanotechnology

Although many screen protectors are available and prefabricated in standard screen sizes, they are often little difficult to install. While installation they may also develop un-attractive air bubbles under the film over time.

glass protection Water repellent
Water repellent

With the ProtectPax innovative liquid glass, you get the screen protection that your smart device needs, to make your device durable for many more years to come.

glass protection Water repellent

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Liquid glass is an ingenious technical process, originally developed for the aviation and aerospace industry.  It makes glass much more resistant and more durable. You simply apply the liquid on your smart device display and it’s done.  After drying, the liquid turns shiny and strengthens the screen, protecting it from both scratches and cracks.

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Glass Proctor
Anti-Scratch Hardness of 9H like Ruby or Sapphire

Also, the film not only protects your smart device’s glass from superficial scratches, it provides protection against falls that may break the display.

protect pax
Protect Pax

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