6 Ways to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster – 2017

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Make Your Android Phone Run Faster - 1

Being an android smartphone user and rooting your phone won’t adds any value unless you make it as the best performer. But not only high-end smartphone would be the best in term of performance and usability. So, Here, in this article, we have the best tips to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster and regain the performance of your device and make it perform like it did out of the box.

After analyzing many smartphones, we have pinned some Tips and tweaks to make Android faster without rooting. Let’s dive in!

#1 Uninstall Apps That No Longer Useful

Make Your Android Phone Run Faster 2

Google Play Store is full of android apps and games. Most of these apps are very functional and also the games are nice. Thus, users are tempted to install many of these apps to add more and more features on their phones. But, there’s an enormous drawback to that. putting in an oversized variety of apps slows down the device. this is often due to the fact that all these apps have background services that continuously run and tend to slow the device. Hence, it’s recommended to install only the apps that you use the most and are necessary to install.

#2 Disable Screen Animation and Live Wallpaper

Make Your Android Phone Run Faster 3

This is one of the effective technique to make any android run faster. Usually, animations make the performance of phone too much sluggish and slow. Moreover, animations eat battery life. So, turning off animations of the android phone will make it run faster and will boost it’s battery life as well. To turn off animations on your android phone, simply go to Developer options. Tap on Animations and select it to off.

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#3 Clear Your Apps Cache Memory

Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

Android devices also slow down when your phone cache memory is filled by Apps data. Cache memory contains those files and images which are required while starting any Apps. The cache will improve your device speed by reducing the number of ROM memory access. Sometimes our phone cache memory is filled by Apps which are not used. So we have to clear cache memory manually in order to get our phone speed back. You can clear cache by settings -> storage -> cached data.

#4 Never Install RAM Management Apps

Make Your Android Phone Run Faster 5

There are lots of RAM management and junk cleaner app available in Playstore. We install these apps in a hope to see an increase in performance of our device. But, these apps are a nightmare and slow down the phone even further. In fact, Android purposely tries to keep apps loaded into RAM for better performance. RAM is fast, remember? On mobile devices, every bit of speed is critical for a good user experience, so keeping apps in RAM is actually a good thing. But when we use Ram Management app, they actually start background services like app lock and on screen cleaning shortcuts which consume a lot of RAM as well as processing power. Hence, we recommend you to manually clear your RAM.

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#5 Restart Every Morning

Make Your Android Phone Run Faster 6

REBOOT your Android device every morning as this is the best way to get the smooth performance from your android device. Rebooting your phone in the morning refreshes every process and kills the unnecessary ones. This helps you get smooth and fast performance from your device throughout the day. Most of the Android developers recommend doing so and help to make android faster and smoother.

#6 Update Your Phone’s Software

Make Your Android Phone Run Faster - 8

Android is the open source operating system. Whenever there is new update officially released, it includes the security issues and bugs fixed. So, I highly recommend you to update your android smartphone as soon as the new update is released, If you have rooted your android phone and you can’t update it to the latest version. You need you unroot your phone to make a successful update. This is most important which is one among these techniques to make android run faster.

Final Words,

What are your experiences with these tips? Have you made Your Android Phone Run Faster? Have they been helpful or have they just been placebo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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