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Sometimes the most helpful things have the dullest names, and that is undoubtedly the case with USB OTG: it’s in stacks of devices and can do some extremely clever stuff, however many of us have not heard of it. To help bring you up to speed, this is our guide to USB OTG and what you can do with it.

 usb otg

What is USB OTG?

USB OTG (USB On The Go) is a standard that enables mobile devices to interact with one another. Traditionally mobile devices could only connect to a Mac/PC by USB, but using USB OTG it possible for devices to connect directly to each other.

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And that’s not all USB OTG can do. By enabling your device to act as a USB host – that is, to be the boss of other devices that you simply connect with it – you’ll be able to use extra hardware like storage, keyboards or even musical instruments along with your handset.


usb otg

How do I know if my Android device supports USB OTG?

USB OTG has its own logo (seen above), that should be on your device’s packaging if it’s supported. If you do not have the original packaging handy, you’ll be able to use your old friend Google to seek out this information.

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That said, if your smartphone was released within the last 2 years, you can nearly guarantee it will support it.

How can you use OTG on your smartphone or tablet?

If your device is OTG compatible, you will also need a suitable OTG cable or connector for your device. You can grab one for a few bucks on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any where from local market.

killertricks usb otg
Source : Androidpit

What can I do with USB OTG?

#Connect a keyboard or mouse

This is one amongst the most typical ways to use USB OTG. It’s possible to couple your smartphone or tablet with peripheral devices, like a mouse or a keyboard, that you can then use to control it. There are some restrictions – for instance, gaming mice with a billion buttons won’t be totally compatible – except for the most part, the basic operations are enabled.


Just connect a USB mouse and you’ll automatically see its cursor appear on your display. this can be also a goodway to use your device if the touchscreen is broken. alternatively, connect an external keyboard to turn a tablet into a portable computer.

#Connect a MIDI keyboard

If you fancy making music on android, USB OTG allows you to attach devices like MIDI keyboards and controllers, audio inputs for instruments and vocals and numerous controllers which will turn your phone or tablet into a significant music-making machine.

#Connect a USB storage drive

You can connect with storage devices like USB sticks or external hard drives with USB OTG. using a file manager on your device, you’ll directly access data on an external storage device and play movies or music while not having to store them on your phone. alternatively, you’ll use it as a non-cloud based backup storage choice for your photos, music, and other files from your smartphone.

Source: Androidpit

#Connect a game controller

Enjoy mobile gaming however yearn for a little a lot of control? Why not connect a gamepad to your smartphone? using a wired Xbox 360 controller is a simple way to do this: just connect it to your phone with a USB OTG cable, launch a game and it should work right away, no configuration needed.

What is your favorite use for USB OTG? Let us know in the comments below.


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