Top 10 Best PPD Sites to Earn Money Online

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Top 10 Best PPD Sites to Earn Money OnlineNowadays blogging and online marketing are growing extensively. Just because within a few hours we can create a blog and start working. But the main hockey facing every blogger is to generate maximum revenue but instead of focusing on traditional advertising sources like AdSense, we should try some other AdSense option, who can perform better according to our traffic behavior, website or There are many advertising networks to earn from blogs These methods can be combined together for maximum revenue if KillerTricks is a blog where people used to search and download files and other stuff, we can earn money by using Pay Per Download sites.

What is PPD(Pay Per Download)

PPD means Pay Per Download. where many peoples get paid to upload, share and download files. So, website owners or normal people also can earn money easily by uploading files on Pay Per Download site. you can earn money by sharing file download links to social sites like Facebook, or you can also earn money by sharing file download links on your website. If you have 1000 visitors per day to your website from CANADA, USA, UK, AUSTRIA then you will be definitely making more than $100 per day. So it is very easy way to earn money online from home by using best Pay Per Download Networks.

top ppd site with survey1. Fileicefileice ppd site

Fileice is a revolutionary method in the PPD networks. It is a great website that allows its users partners to upload files and share them on the internet like our websites or social networking sites like Facebook, every time when user tries to download files that they have to complete a survey to download the file, Fileice pays the $1.00 average for the survey conducted each meet, so Fileice is the best available at the moment the best PPD site. If you have any website where you can upload any type or any size file and your visitors can download that file, then the Fileice is the best pay per download network to earn money online.


2. Sharecashsharecash ppd site

Sharecash is also known as the most popular PPD website. If you have a video site, gaming site, eBook site, coupon or template site then sharecash is for you. The visitor completes a quick survey to download your files thus sharecash pay for completing a survey. And the best part is that by placing the JavaScript code on your website or blog, you can monetize your commute website or blog and every time a visitor can get access to your website. And you can earn $ 1000 on your site.
The minimum payment of the sharecash is $10 and payment methods are deposited in Payza, PayPal or direct bank. If you promote your link on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter with a lot of visitors, then earn from home with the best pay per download site.

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3. DollarUploaddollarupload ppd site

Dollarupload is another popular in all PPD sites that provides a way to earn money by uploading files. Users can also lock links to content, thus maximizing earnings payment is easy and the minimum payment is 10 dollars. Therefore, it is a good choice as a PPD network. The methods of payment are very simple and easy, you can pay through PayPal, bank transfer, etc. And the minimum payment requirement is $10 so this is also a great PPD network.


4. UploadCashuploadcash ppd site

UploadCash pay per download is another best in all sites, the user can easily earn money by uploading hosting files. It has 300 GB of storage and maximum file size up to 2 GB. You can also attract traffic to your hosted files from a blog, website, facebook, youtube etc. Try it through the sign-up link below.


ppd site without survey1. UsersCloudusercloud ppd site

UsersCloud is one of the best PPD sites. This is a hosting site that provides unlimited storage space to registered users. In addition, there is an option to double your account on-demand file hosting, which has PPD advantages. This means that users are paid when people download the hosted file.

These days, people do not host/store their files on computers. That’s why they use the Userscloud type PPD site, where downloading our files in Userscloud will pay you the same as current services. If you have a website or blog where you can upload some type of file and your visitors can download that file, then you are currently at the best PPD network to make money online. Need some extra money without investing anything try Userscloud.


2. UploadOceanuploadocean ppd website

UploadOcean is one of the best pay per download network. This is one of a great way to monetize your downloads. Rates are great because users can make around $21 for every 1000 downloads. Paytm, mobokwik, payza, paypal, check and bank deposit India. It’s hassle-free and very effective. UploadOcean is one of the most trusted PPD sites. So if you want to make money by, then open register link given below.


3. Uploads.touploads to ppd site is one of a great way to earn money online gives you $20 per 1000 full downloads. That’s why you can use it to monetize your traffic. And nowadays it is a Pay Per download website, you can make money from home. Now you get money to upload your file using the best PPD network. Deposit your money via Payza, PayPal, Check and Bank transfer, the minimum payment is $10 so if you want to make money by then the open register link below.

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4. LinkBucksMedialinkbucksmedia ppd site

Linkbucks Media is a fairly new PPD site but it is legal and organizes a monthly competition to earn more for users. It has an average rate of $.08 per download. Visitors also have the facility of sharing file links on Facebook and Twitter. Payouts are less than $5 deposit your money through PayPal, Payza, and Payoneer.


5. FileBucksfilebucks ppd website

Filebucks is the best pay per download sites; According to download sites, paying in the top 10 payments. This site is a revolutionary PPD site that uses 1 of the best incentive promotion surveys. There are the best tools needed like file, locker or link locker and their gate route system which help the user to make money from home with PPD site. You can lock web page in your website. It also provides their members with an ultimate and fast file uploading system, you can upload many files randomly at a time. You will see all your reports on analytical tools which are also included on it. This minimum payout is $10 by way of Payza, PayPal, Check and Bank Deposit.


6. Revcloudsrevclouds is the best PPD site that you can earn more money with it. offers up to 1000 complete downloads per S15 (from many countries). so that you can use it to monetize your website traffic. And now on its a download website, you can earn more money from home. Get money to upload your file using the Payza, Paypal, Check and Bank Deposits through India, the minimum payment is $10 so if you want to make money by then open the register below.


Final Words”

So, friends, these are the top best PPD websites to earn money online at home. All of these 10 sites are legal and 100% genuine and tested by me and my some Facebook friends, which pay you for per complete download. Upload any type file on above-given websites and get paid easily if you are a website owner. If you have any query related to the article then feel free to ask in the comment section below. I will reply you soon. I hope my post was helpful for you. And please share this article with your friends and family and also share it on your social networking sites. Thanks for visiting.


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