The iPhone 8 might be the best iPhone ever

2017 will be the 10th Anniversary of the Apple and the company wants it to the most remembered too. So, these might be some big changes that Apple is bringing to the 10th Gen iPhone, i.e iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Expected Features

  • Edge to edge display
  • OLED Display
  • Faster A12 Processor
  • Glass Body
  • No Physical Home Button
  • Wireless Charging
  • 4K Display

These are the two massive changes that will make the iPhone 8 the best iPhone ever

1. USB Type-C port

iphone 8 usb type-c

Apple recently launched new Macbook Pro model with USB Type-C Port, Apple is now considering getting the iPhone8 to the same bandwagon.

Apple will ditch the Lightning connector on the iPhone 8 in favor of the industry’s standard USB Type-C connector to ensure a uniformity among the company’s products.

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2. Curved OLED Display

iphone 8 Curved OLED Display

iPhone 8 will be priced at a price more than $1,000. So, probably, Apple might be thinking about adding an OLED display to the iPhone, but now there’s a suggestion that the company might also change the device’s screen size.

Taking a step further from 2.5D curved glass, Apple will now be using a custom 3D glass panel for this new screen.

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