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Similar Games like Super Mario RunSince the Super Mario Run came out to the mobile gaming platform since its release on iOS, people have gone crazy about it. The game, which was in the pipeline for a long time, was finally unveiled by Nintendo for iOS devices in December 2013. Since then, this is getting a lot of downloads, however, it is only getting more praises at the Apple App Store. Compared to iOS, the Android version received a lukewarm ranking, but these enthusiastic fans did not stop playing Super Mario on their Android device. Although the game is fun, there are few not-so-popular competitors which can be equally entertaining as Super Mario Run. Here is our pick on the best Alternatives/Similar app like Super Mario Run for Android & iOS.

5 Best Alternatives Games like Super Mario Run

1. Smurfs Epic RunSmurf Epic Run Android and ios

This game allows you to choose your favorite smurf character and then you have to walk through the picturesque levels, inspired by original dark comic books. There is also a collection of points and jumping on the obstacles gameplay is quite simple with some controls on the screen, which allows your character to run, jump, slip and more. The graphics are quite attractive and stick the user for a long time. There are over 100 levels in this game, through which you have to collect enough points to free your other smart friends. One of the best alternative game like Super Mario Run. If you played super Mario run and searching for a similar game you should definitely try this game.

There are over 100 levels in this game, through which you have to collect enough points to free your other smurf friends. The players will have to unlock new ones to increase their high score at each level. Along with companions, rings and various artifacts there is also an option to customize Smurfs.

The game can be enjoyed on both the Android & iOS devices.

Android: Smurfs Epic Run from PlayStore

iOS: Smurf Epic Run from iTunes

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2. Rayman AdventuresThe Rayman Run Android and ios

There might be so many Alternatives games like SuperMario run, but the Rayman Adventures would be top on the list. The game takes you on a journey through the medieval forest where the enigmatic eggs have been stolen. Objective or the purpose of Rayman in this game is to collect many eggs as possible. Gathering eggs earns a lot of points. Then you can use these points to power, along with the way, you also have to face the creatures of the forest. Animals include but are not limited to Mintores, Bandits etc. The game has interesting and vivid animations that are made for an interesting and intriguing gameplay.

The game has interesting and vivid animations that are made for an interesting and intriguing gameplay. There are several stages that you can explore and unlock their hidden secrets. You can travel through various mysterious islands, the haunted medieval castle, and many more amazing places!

The game is available for both Android & iOS devices to download links are given below.

iOS: Rayman Adventures from iTunes

Android: Rayman Adventures from Play Store

3. Super Plumber RunSuper Plumber Run Android and ios

You might have heard about Super Plumber Run, which is a complete rip-off of Super Mario Run. Although this game does not match the interface aesthetics of Nintendo’s games, but it is still a perfect alternative to Super Mario Run. The gameplay is the same, in which the character is moving forward automatically and like super Mario there are action keys like jump, fire moves faster and much more. The game also includes mushrooms, coins, Mario-style power-ups and a slightly modified Mario soundtrack. Overall, the game is similar to Super Mario Run.

The biggest difference is that Super Plumber Run is free, compared to $10 you will have to play Super Mario Run after the first three levels. The game is free, but there is in-app purchase is for coins, coin magnet etc. We are not sure that the game will last on the Play Store, but as of now, you can definitely see the game to get great experience and feel like Super Mario Run.

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iOS: (Cooming Soon)

Android: Super Plumber Run from Play Store

4. Wind-up Kight 2Wind Up Knight Android and ios

Wind-up Night 2 offers the same gameplay experience like Super Mario Run and it is clear, it obvious, considering they are both platformers. However, Wind-up Night 2 brings a visually impressive pseudo-3D world that you will surely love. As the name suggests, a knight in the game is fighting on its way and jumps through walls, spikes, and coins collection. Like Super Mario Run, Knight runs automatically and you only have to jump and fight. The game brings various discoveries, side-quest, and tournaments. You can also adapt the knight’s armor to the way you want it.

While the game is available in a free version, some versions are locked. You can also make an in-purchase purchase to get a full game, as well as other items like armor sets and coins.

iOS: Wind-Up Knight 2 from iTunes

Android: Wind-Up Knight 2 from Play store

5. Super Cat BrosSuper Cat Bros Android and ios

In this another game, like Super Mario Run, you play the role of a cute, cuddly black and white cat who travels across a fantasy world. Your job is to help the cat to collect points, to tackle with the enemies and make it on the across levels. This game is a bit similar to the Super Mario Run, but it includes controls that make it more interesting.

Unlike the Super Mario Run, your character has the freedom to jump, move left and right and climb the walls. The best part is that it is not automatic Yes, we are looking at you, Super Mario Run. The controls for the game have been designed for keeping the mobile usage in mind. A design, so that you can be absorbed in the game because your cat travels in different areas.

Android: Super Cat Bros from Play Store

IOS: (Comming Soon)


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