How to Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

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Want to set a full-size profile picture on Whatsapp? But does this always cut the part of your picture because it only allows square DP? Now, what is the solution without the crop, with the help of Whatsapp no Crop application for Android, it is now a solution. set full-size WhatsApp profile picture with Whatscrop no Crop app.How to Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

Just select your favorite image from the gallery or take a picture from the camera, it automatically converts your image into Square and part of your image will be expanded. You can also set a custom background, image, frame in your image.

Whatscrop no Crop app comes with some mind-blowing features like Automatic Fit to Square, Choose Image from Gallery or Take Picture, Automatic Fit to Square, Change Background Color, Change Background Image, Background frame change, Rotate Image up to 360° and Save Image in Gallery Automatically (Capture Folder). Whatscrop no Crop also comes with Manual Image Resize inbuilt option.

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Steps to set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

So friends, to set the profile in your WhatsApp without cropping, follow the few easy steps below. With this simple Whatcrop no Crop app, you will be able to enjoy setting up any photo as your WhatsApp profile picture, never worry about your profile picture set any size image in WhatsApp. Whatscrop no Crop fits your image size to the default size. The size of the images will change to fit in There are some easy steps with cutting screenshots of images, see it from the bottom.

Step 1: Download and install Whatscrop No Crop app from here – Download Whatscrop No Crop

Step 2: After Successfully installed, Click on Picture option and select the picture from the gallery which you want to set as a profile picture.Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

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Step 3: After selected an image, you can add a background color, change the background image or add photo frame according to your choice.Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

Step 4: Final click on save button, It will show few option select Whatsapp profile photo to set the image as a Whatsapp DP. That’s it now you can set any size of an image as a WhatsApp DP without cropping.Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

Note: Edited image will be automatically saved in capture folder on your device storage.


Now you can set WhatsApp profile picture without cropping it select any size of Image and simple to resize the image with the beautiful background color or set background images according to your choice. Follow above guide for Set full-size WhatsApp profile picture. I hope you liked this article, If yes then don’t forget to share this article with friends. Thanks for Visiting.


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