How to Send Unsupported File on Android via WhatsApp

Send Unsupported File on WhatsAppWhatsApp is a pretty popular application here and why not, it’s cheap, efficient and easy to use. But being a programmer you start to notice some things that most tend to overlook. The fact that pictures and videos are always previewed before they can be sent. The fact that if you forward a file you just sent to someone, a link to the file’s location is sent instead of the whole file getting uploaded again. And the fact that it allows you to send invalid links and corrupt PDF files. This was my way in.

The Steg is an app developed by LordFME during the summer break, Steg gets its name from Steganography, it does this app by basically hiding something else. The app encodes a file into a PDF file, which is a supported file format, which shares via WhatsApp. The other person who receives this PDF file can decode it using Steig from within WhatsApp and can view the file that is it.

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Send any unsupported file via WhatsApp Using Steg

Step1. Download and Install Steg on your Android device. Once Steg is installed, there is no setup required at all.

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Step2. Now what you have to do is to find the file you want to send, the file that does not allow WhatsApp to send you normally.

Step3. Long press on the file and select Share, and choose Steg from the list of apps.

Step4. There is nothing more to do in Steg just tap the Encode button, you will receive a toast message when encoding is complete. This is a pretty fast process.

Step5. When the encoding is complete, tap Share Encoded File. Choose WhatsApp from the list of apps and then select the contact that you wish to send the file to.

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Step 6. Remember carefully to open the unknown file, your contact must also have Steg installed.

Step 7. If the app is also installed on the device of the receiver, then he or she will have to tap the file in the WhatsApp thread and select Steg to open the file if it does not automatically open up in Steg.

Step 8. Final, the receiver has to tap Decode, and then, Open Decoded File.

The file should now open normally. Here’s a quick video guide by the developer himself if the above tutorial wasn’t enough for you.



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