Pocket-sized Robot Drawing arm that can Draw on Paper


Line-Us is a pocket-sized robot that can recreate sketches on paper just as they were originally drawn, allowing them to be sent all over the world. You can draw along with your finger, mouse, stylus or Apple Pencil and follow it in real time as it copies your movements. You can save and share your drawing to start communicating with other Line-us machines!

Line-us: The little robot drawing arm

It is not a plotter nor a printer, it’s a drawer, which gives Line-us its own style and distinctive character. The magic bit is that Line-us draws in exactly the same order you did.

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Line-us: The little robot drawing arm

The mini robot is a USB-powered arm that connects to an app on your smartphone, tablet, MAC or PC. Once you are connected, you are ready to go. Line-us comes with a small metal plate to hold it in place. Line-us draws on any writable surface, i.e, in your sketch pad, diary, notebook or just a piece of paper. You can also hang it on the wall or mount it on a refrigerator.

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Line-us: The little robot drawing arm

What can I do with Line-us?

It’s completely up to you! But I think Line-us becomes magical when it connects to the internet and talks to the community of other machines.

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Line-us works on iPads, iPhones and Android. It also works on Mac and PC. With Line-Us You can write or draw with finger, mouse, stylus or Apple Pencil and follow it in real time.

android app

Line-us has an app with features that make it fun for anyone to draw, share and follow other people’s creations. Here are some of them:

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