How To Prank Your Friends With Network Spoofer Application

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We came up with the new application known as Network Spoofer. With Network Spoofer app you can easily prank your friends by sending them to other websites of your choice and you can even redirect them to watch YouTube video as well. To do this prank you need to root your Android smartphone and busy box binaries installed as well. Note, This application works, when you and your friends are connected to the same WiFi network.

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Network Spoofer App

Network Spoofer is an app through which you can prank your friends by sending them to different websites of your choice and you can even redirect them to watch YouTube video as well. You can even flip all the content of the website, and can also send images of your choice from this application. We have also shared a post about 2 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer.

Your friend might get frozen by seeing this and he would be surprised about what actually is happening with his smartphone. You can prank with your friend that his mobile phone is affected by some dangerous virus or something else. Note, This app only works in rooted mobile phone with Busy box binaries installed in it. Don’t know about busy box and how to install it? We will help you out in an easy way.

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Network Spoofer- killertricks

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  • Rooted Android Mobile Phone
  • BusyBox Free – Download
  • Network Spoofer App – Download
  • At-least 500 MB free space in your device
  • You and your friend should be connected with the same WiFi network

Warning: – Before Proceeding to next step, I would like to inform you that this trick is for educational purpose only. Do not try this trick in public places such as school, Colleges, railway stations, etc.

Network Spoofer- killertricks

How To Prank Your Friends With Network Spoofer App

Step 1: Download and install Network Spoofer and other applications from the above list of given requirements

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Step 2: Open BusyBox and now wait for sometime till BusyBox is installing the binaries. If you are getting failed message click on install button

Network Spoofer- killertricks

Step 3: Now open the Network spoofer application and Grant Root Access to it

Step 4: Now, Click on the Start button and it will show the list which trick that you can try with your friends

Network Spoofer- killertricks

Step 5: I am selecting Flip Content than wait for sometime

Network Spoofer- killertricks

Step 6: Now, click on Default Gateway and check out the screenshot below

Network Spoofer- killertricks

Step 7: Now you will see the below screen, than click on All Devices

Network Spoofer- killertricks

Step 8: Now you need to Click on Start Button and You are all done 😛

Network Spoofer- killertricks

There are much more methods available in this app which you can try one by one and prank your friends with this app and you can try them all by clicking on Multiple Spoof and than your friends will get different spoof one by one. Keep visiting us for more updates and killertricks.


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