Prank Your Friends By Killing Their WiFi Connection

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WiFi Kill App– Hey Friend, Today I will guide you How to Prank Your Friends By Killing Their WiFi Connection. In this trick, the only thing you need is a rooted android phone. Which will help you to Prank Your Friends WiFi By Killing Their Friends WiFi Connection.

WiFi Kill App

This application is working great on many Android phones. There are so many other android applications too but this application is one of my favorite. We often give our WiFi password to our friends and if we want to kill their WiFi connection then this is the best android app which you can give a try to it.

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This app is not available on google play store but You can download the application from here. From this app, you can kill WiFi connections of all the users who are connected to the router.The fun thing is that they will be connected to the WiFi but can’t surf any website.

This app may also be used in many alternative ways for example if several users are connected to your WiFi and if you wish to download some necessary files you can kill their connection and enjoy the high-speed internet in your smartphone. This application can kill WiFi Connection of many devices like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Laptops, etc.

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  1. Rooted Android Device.
  2. Android device which is above 4.x+
  3. WiFi Kill App.
  4. Unknown source enabled in your device -Go to –> Settings –> Security –> Tick on Unknown Sources.
  5. You must be connected to the same WiFi network which you want to kill
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Prank Your Friends By Killing Their WiFi Connection

  • Download the WiFi kill app from here – Download
  • In case the above link is not working, please comment below for the new link we will update the new link for you
  • Install the application in your device.
  • After installing just open the application and grant the root permission to the App
WiFi Kill App-killertricks
Grant the Root Permission to the App
  • After you allow root permission, the app will get started if it fails to start, that means your mobile has no proper root access
  • Next, you need to click on ”(Play) Button and it will take some time to search the WiFi connections connected to your WiFi network
  • It may take approx 1 min to search all the WiFi connections connected on your WiFi network, have patience and wait for some time
  • After successful scan WiFi kill app will show some IP address which is connected to your WiFi network. For example – it may be different in your case so don’t worry
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WiFi Kill App-killertricks
IP address which is connected to your WiFi network –
  • Click on the IP address and there you will see two buttons below 1.Grab  2.Kill 
  • First “Grab” the connection of the victim’s mobile and then press “Kill” Button
  • That’s it, you’re done your friends will not able to surf the internet now

For Revert Back.

  • Select the IP address which you want to revert back
  • Click on the “Grab” Button to revert back or Switch off your phone WiFi
  • Or else Press “❚❚” button in the main screen

How Does the WiFi Kill App Works?

In rooted device some small application does some extremely big stuffs. Same with the WiFi Kill App as this application sends spoofing packets to another device that are connected to your device they assume this application as main modem and kick all the connected users in your WiFi network. The devices will be connected to the WiFi but they won’t able to use WiFi connection.


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