How to Play Windows Store Games Offline

Play Windows Store Games OfflineTo run Windows Store games easily on the PC, an internet connection is required. Fortunately, Microsoft has removed this requirement. He has accepted the demand of the customers to allow them to play windows store games offline. The request was pending for a long time and Microsoft was walking behind its competitors in this aspect.

Although the Windows store is not an important destination for most users, but it offers some great casual games. For those children which are likely to play windows store games in offline. Here is a possibility of some games coming from the Windows store that they can now use the game offline. Here is how to play windows store games offline without any internet connection.

Steps to Play Windows Store Games Offline

Before proceeding to further process make sure that you’re online and at least you have the latest updates installed on your PC.

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Play Windows Store Games Offline

Step 1. Open the Windows Store and click on the “profile icon” in the top right corner.

Step 2. Next, Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Now, scroll down to the “Offline Permissions” option.

Play Windows Store Games Offline

Step 3. Now, Switch the “Make this PC the one I use………… even when I’m offline.” option On.

Note: Microsoft only lets you change this setting three times in a year (Change the setting once and you’ll be informed that you can only change the setting 2 more times in the next 365 days). So make sure you activate the right device.

Now that you picked offline mode for your PC, you have to choose the games which are available for offline. Now launch any of those game which you want to use without a connection. Here, make sure that you are signed in to Xbox Live if applicable. You don’t have to play the game every time — just make sure of that you’ve launched it once and signed into Xbox Live.

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If you want to escape from this, you can exit anytime.

Simply repeat the procedure and Switch the “Make this PC the one I use………… even when I’m offline.” option Off. that’s it now you can play games without a connection also make sure that the game you will play on offline mode won’t work on multiplayer, view the leaderboards, or work with Achievements, make in-app purchases is also not available, There are still many more to give up in order to play in offline. So now you know how to take your store offline, Will you take your Store games offline? Let us know in the comments below!


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