See How Nokia 8 Flagship will look like!

Nokia is back in the smartphone world, and the company’s first phone, the Nokia 6 has already claimed to the spot in the popularity charts. The first Nokia-branded handsets running Android are due to arrive early next year. While all that is fine and dandy, everyone has been waiting to see the company’s flagship smartphone which will compete with the likes of iPhone 8’s and Galaxy S8’s. Well, people at Concept Creator just posted a video of not just one, but the both Nokia phones to make us even more querulous before their official launch.

Here is the flagship Nokia 8s

Since the next flagship from iPhone will be an iPhone 8 and the next Samsung will be the GS8, Reportedly Nokia’s flagship will also be called the ‘8’. The concept video of the smartphone shows the device with slim bezels, heart rate sensor, and a glass back panel.

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Let’s take a look on the another fabulous Phone Nokia P1

Nokia already experimented with Android simply ahead of Microsoft’s purchase, and the company’s first device afterward deal was an iPad mini clone android device. Nokia returns to phones not even in the brand, only is an odd twist in the Nokia and Microsoft story of troubled to adapt to smartphones and Apple’s iPhone.

Don’t have infinite wealth to splurge on a smartphone? Fret not, as Nokia has got your back. The company will also launch the affordably- priced Nokia 8 alongside the Nokia P1, which rumored to come with slim bezels, metallic body, and a triple LED flash unit.

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We’ll be left waiting until early next year to see if the dream of an Android-powered Nokia phone is really able to compete with Apple, Google, Samsung, and the many alternative android phones on the market.

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