16 Best Paying Micro Job Sites in 2019 To Make Money Online

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Micro Jobs are basically, a small, one-time job that you complete for an amount of money that varies. Earnings from micro jobs may vary as some micro jobs pay well but many pay very little. Micro jobs are best for those who want to work while enjoying the comfort of home. There are various apps, websites, and companies that offer micro jobs with a lot of flexibility and no commitment.

A number of students and homemakers across India and the rest of the world are doing work from home, having chosen careers as freelancers sourcing work from online staffing platforms.

Also, Such websites are the most effective way to make money online for housewives where they can do micro jobs in free time. These are the jobs which does not require too much time. By spending an hour, they can deliver enough quality work.

Why we should do micro jobs?

Micro jobs help us to get the extra income. Youth is connecting to the world of micro jobs to make themselves independent. There are many websites which are providing micro jobs for beginners as well as for the professionals. It is a rapidly growing sector which is paying on-demand income to the workers. Moreover, you need a skill to be paid, without having a skill no one gets paid.

Workers of the micro-jobs have the advantage of doing the work at the independent place. You do not have to attend the staff meetings and getting in the hectic time. In the micro jobs, you can act as your own boss.

But the whole point is that micro job mostly depends upon the skills of the worker. Nowadays, Surveys and tasks also get included in the micro jobs.

Every coin has a flip side. Hence the flip side of the micro-jobs are –

  • No Much benefits.
  • Difficult to find a quality job.
  • Work may fluctuate.
  • Hard to manage work.

However, still, it is a good way to earn extra income to fulfill your small needs in the desired period of time.

Here are 16 Best Paying Micro Job Sites to Make Money Online

These are some of the best micro job sites or you can say best paying micro job sites which people are using all across the world to make money online by working from home. Micro jobs is a good source of income.

1. Fiverr

fiverr micro jobs

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use it to offer services to customers worldwide.

This is the best place for internet marketers because there are many gigs related to social media,  graphics design, video and animation, writing, advertising, building backlinks, blog commenting, logo design, business cards, SEO, copy-writing and many more. Just search the name of any online work and you will find people offering their services in just $5.

To start offering your services on Fiverr you need to make a profile on it. Fiverr will rate your service according to your customer’s responses.

So, Fiverr has made three stages; first level seller, second level seller and top rated seller. Once you achieve any of the good levels, you will start getting more sales.

Join Fiverr

2. SEOClerks

seoclearks - make money online by doing micro jobs

SEOClerks is a company which is a little bit similar to Fiverr, offering website services at a low price. They invite buyers and sellers to buy services or products between the price of  $1 to $1,000. In Addition, Buyers purchase the gig and pay SEOclerks.

They keep 20% (Fiverr keep $1 for every $5) commission on every gig which you will sell them via SEOClerks.

In SEOClerks marketplace you will find Article writing, Link Building, Logo designing, Article read-proofing, Blog commenting, Social media and too many other awesome gigs which can boost the business of any online entrepreneur.

Join SEOClerks

3. Zeerk


Zeerk is another online marketplace offering tasks and services where you can buy and sell your services from $2 to $100. You can buy or sell services from anywhere in the world.

Also, this website is suitable for international businesses and workers because it has a very good translation feature. Also, all major languages are represented there.

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Online marketing, SEO, writing, design, programming are some of the services which they provide. As you can see, this is not unusual for this kind of a marketplace. Another good feature is the Zeerk Android App, so you can use it on your mobile phones and it’s available for free on Google Play Store to download.

Join Zeerk

4. Gigwalk


Gigwalk is another online famous app which will allow you to earn money with your iPhone or Android. This powerful mobile technology lets you find the right workers, manage distributed teams, get real-time visibility and more.

Whether you’re looking for a little spending money or want to earn an entire extra paycheck, Gigwalk can help. Going on a Gigwalk can be a simple as photographing product displays, and gigs are assigned based on your location, so they are always accessible on foot, or by bike.

Gigwalk pay varies depending on the job, but their website states that on average gigs pay between $3 and $50. Payments arrive via Paypal within the five days after job completion.

Join Gigwalk

5. GigBucks


Gigbucks is a place where you can sell your services from $5 to $50 bucks.

Like other micro-jobs sites, you can offer internet marketing services here too. They have broad categories for Advertising, Business, Graphics, Music, Programming, Technology and many more.

Join Gigbucks

6. Envato Studio

Envato Studio - online micro jobs in india without investment

It is the community for freelancers who are developers, creators, and designers. However, wordpress customization and logo designing are two of the most interactive freelance activities.

Envato studio jobs are one of the highest paid media. They will pay you directly to your associated account once you crossed the minimum amount of $50.

It has the quite unique criteria of creative projects. Also, in the design and development.

Join Envato Studio

7. Truelancer

truelance - micro jobs for students

Truelancer is the Indian platform for the freelancers. They keep the money as a safe deposit and doesn’t pay until work is completed and approved. They provide many services related to designers, bloggers, writers, app developers, SEO experts and many more.

It is one of the quick ways to get money in the bank system. Also, they charge the low cost from sellers with an approximate range of 8% to 10%.

For the beginners in freelancing, it is the best way to get into it. However, services included data entry, graphics designing, virtual assistant and customer service jobs.

Join Truelancer

8. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour - best paying micro job sites

Peopleperhour is the one of classic website from where you can easily bargain the work and get  the payment on the hourly basis. Also,It is the easiest way to list your skill and make the money from it.

Pay of the peopleperhour is different  from many instances ,i.e. being a writer you can ask $10/hour for writing , being a designer you can ask $20/hour, and being  a translator you can ask $5/hour.

Join PeoplePerHour

9. Spare5

spare5Spare5 is the high quality data provider to their clients. Additionally the data is much more related to the robotics and all , as it is requisite for the artificial intelligence engines.

You can earn money through the Spare5 , by the task and survey. The payment of Spare5 are withdrawn at minimum $1 through the paypal.

They pay on the friday of every week. Spare5 registration are 100% free. You can earn at the rate of $8-10/hour and more according to your skills and potential.

Join Spare5

10. Upwork (odesk)

micro job upwork

Odesk is the biggest micro job provider with high-quality work. They have one of the most secure and safe payment methods with a small deduction of 3%.

Although, To make some serious money, you must join it. They have approximately 9 million registered users and 4 million clients.

Odesk provides 3 million jobs annually with the most secure payment procedure. This includes a variety of services and the clients which offer high pay to the skilled workers. In addition, it is the crux of the micro job website.

Join Upwork

11. Guru

guru micro jobs website

Guru is an amazing platform for coding experts and developers. You can earn up to $10 according to your potential.

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Its services are web designing, writing, translation, graphics designing, CorelDRAW, and InDesign, etc. Also You can offer any services from the above-mentioned services.

Guru job services are easy to grab. You just have to sign up on their official website and they will create the freelancer account according to your skills. The hirer will contact you after visiting your profile and skills bio.


12. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk).


micro job amazon mechanical turk

Mturk is the website associated with amazon web services. After all, It is really easy to make money on the amazon mechanical turk with very little skills and time. It’s a quite good option for micro job work.

Mturk payment has no minimum limit to be withdrawn. They pay through Amazon voucher, Amazon pay and direct deposit. In detail, You have to visit the post over the amazon mechanical turk and do the hits on the skills which are matching with yours.

Besides, do not make the false hits as this is the real work. You have to make genuine work on the mturk to be a good earner.

Join Mturk

13. Clickworker

clickworker job

Clickworker is the service provider to those who have computer skills. You can join this if you have an interest in writing, translation, research, data collecting, etc. In Addition,  It has very simple and easy micro jobs to do.

Clickworker registration is the basic requirement to do and secondly, give the proper information about the requisite skills because they provide the quality work to their customers according to their demands.

Moreover,  Minimum Payment withdraws request is start from $5 at weekends of Wednesdays to Fridays.

14. Microworkers


Microworker is one of the favorite places to micro job workers. It is crowdsourcing web of weblabcenter inc.

They pay the fee amount through the PayPal, skrill and bank transfer by Transpay (new) whenever you would cross the minimum amount of $9 ,You can call for the pay as they do twice a week.

The tasks of the micro workers are related to data mining, data categorization, data matching, data labeling, data tagging, transcription, content revaluation, content evaluation, survey, etc.

Join Microworkers

15. Rapidworker


The Rapidworker is much more similar to the micro-workers and gives the same features they provide. They just provide the task from the requesters.

However, You have to complete the task sincerely, once you receive the minimum amount of $8 plus 6% fees. Beside, that you can ask for the payment from rapidworker who provide through paypal and payza.

Rapidworker give $1 on the sign up and also you can easily earn $1-3 per hour. Also, it is depend upon the work would done by you.

Join Rapidworker

16. PicoWorkers

picoworkers micro jobs

PicoWorkers is the website which provides freelancing and micro work. It is quite good platform of crowdsourcing. You can earn money by completing  the tasks posted on the behalf of the employers.

However, They pay minimum amount of $5  through the paypal , payza, skrill and etc. PicoWorkers have condition to be fulfilled, if the rating of your work go below 75% , the platform will not more available for you.

Also, you will get the bonus of $1.25 on signing  up. So that You have to earn the $3.75 more to start the earning and get paid. You can earn between $30 to $50 in a month.

Join Pickworkers

End Words

Micro jobs websites are the best way to make your skills worthy. These are very productive in nature as your work will get improved by getting into it. If you are at home and not ready for full time job but have spare time to be used. Then, it is a better way to convert your time and skills into money.

Micro jobs are teaching our youth that how to be independent. Also, It is a great step towards the making their own dignity to work and to fulfill their dreams.

To this end, i would love to hear your stories if you are already doing micro-jobs on these sites and making money online and Your inspirational comments will inspire other readers to start their jobs and to make money online.

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