How to Install Xposed Framework on Nougat 7.0 / 7.1

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After many months of waiting, Finally, XDA has got Xposed Framework Nougat for Android Device and supported Roms (Unofficially). Thanks to the XDA team and there some very talented developers, Rovo89 – the developer behind the Xposed Framework on Nougat. You can now install the Xposed Framework Nougat on your Android Device through the flashable zip.

Sadly, this is not the official update of Xposed Framework Nougat for Android Devices. While the Original developer of Xposed Framework Nougat is Rovo89, he has essentially been told that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to get a stable version of Xposed Framework Nougat, and so for that, we have to be patient. But do not worry, it seems that we’ve got a temporary solution for those people who are eagerly waiting for Xposed Framework Nougat for Android Devices, the situation looks changing now. The Purify OS team has placed Xposed Framework to Android Nougat with the help of abforce’s modified version of the Xposed. It is unofficial, but still, Nougat users have got a chance to experience Xposed Framework on their Android Nougat device.

On the other hand, The XDA member BlackSoulxxx has released a version with Magisk support. Both versions have been made for arm/arm64/x86 which are specially built for Android Nougat. Take a look how to install Xposed Framework Nougat for Android Devices.

If you have updated your Android version to Android 7.1 via Lineage OS and now you are looking for the latest version of a Xposed framework Nougat for your Android device then you are at right place. Also, See Lineage OS ROM | Supported device list and downloads

This Xposed version will also work on Lineage OS ROM. When the release will be officially announced for the Xposed Framework for the Android Nougat 7.0 (SDK24) & 7.1 (SDK25), we will update this post at the earliest. It has not been officially released yet. It is still being actively worked on by an XDA Senior Recognized Developer Rovo89 and his team. Also, Read 12 Best Xposed Modules for Android Lollipop & Marshmallow

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Xposed framework is a great tool for customizing android according to your needs by installing most popular Xposed modules for the Xposed installer. Now you can, download and install the latest version of the Xposed framework for Lineage OS ROM, So let’s start.

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How to chose to correct version of Xposed

Download – Droid Hardware Info

Download and install Droid Hardware info on your device to know your Android hardware information.

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Install Xposed Framework

Step 1. Download the Xposed Framework APK and install it on your device. This app will be later used to control the Xposed modules.Xposed Framework Nougat

Xposed Framework Nougat

Step 2. Now, download the suitable ZIP of Xposed Framework for your device from here. Choose the zip file which matches with the arm version of your processor, these are ARM, ARM64 or x86.

Step 3. Now Reboot your device into Recovery mode by holding volume up + power button.

Xposed Framework Nougat
Xposed Framework Nougat

Step 4. After booting into recovery mode, Goto Install zip from SDcard (in CWM) or Install (in TWRP) & locate the Xposed framework file (xposed-arm-*.zip) that you transferred to your device.

Step 5. Select the zip & Install. Wait for the Installation to complete. Now, Wipe Dalvik & System cache. Reboot your device.

Step 7. When the device power UP, Open the Xposed Installer app. You must see “Xposed Framework installed” on the screen.

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Xposed Framework Nougat
Xposed Framework Nougat

Step 8. After installing the zip, the boot may take some time, do not quit the boot process in the middle, be patient.

Note: You may also get a notification that says “Xposed Android is not compatible with SDK version 25 or your processor architecture”. Do not worry about it, it’s a new ported version(unofficial), which will work fine on your Android device.

Steps to Install and Activate Xposed modules in Android 7.0/7.1

Xposed Framework Nougat
Xposed Framework Nougat

Step 1. Open the Xposed Installer app and go to the “Downloads” section to see a list of all available modules.

Xposed Framework Nougat
Xposed Framework Nougat

Step 2. You can download and install modules as per your requirement and preference. Simply tap on the module and select the download or select Save option to manually download the Apk file for installation.

Step 3. After the installation of the desired modules, go to the “Module” section in the sidebar and then tick the checkbox next to the module to enable it.

Step 4. According to the request, you will have to reboot the device and then the active module comes in effect.

The Android community is waiting too long to get Xposed Framework Nougat support for the Android Nougat devices. While Android O is right around the corner, the maker will still take a couple of months to push upgrades for devices that are supported. Meanwhile, users may use the features of all Xposed on Android Nougat Device. When most modules can do the job directly, a number of them have to be upgraded to operate with the newest Xposed Framework.

We hope this guide is clear in every aspect. However, if you have any doubt, please comment below.


  1. A person who search the web for Xposed Nougat actually would know how to flash and blah blah blah. so these kind of posts are really irritating for people like me who are waiting for Xposed(N) for months.

    • Sorry but I disagree… if this kind of post is irritating for you, just don´t read them. In fact, at least some people looking for Xposed Nougat appreciates updated information about how to install each piece of software correctly. 🙂 Best regards!

        • I believe you’re right when you say that Xposed for N is not finished yet. I just disagree with comments like his. Not everyone knows how to install anything with all the steps needed. Also, if someone don’t like to read something, I believe this person is just supposed to skip the reading. In the other hand, if you disagree with something you read, then you can reply with what you know and why you disagree with something… I think this way we contribute to create a better community, not an intolerant one. Best regards!

    • Instructions are always welcome for anyone just in case if you have forgotten and or doing it for the first time.

  2. about 2 weeks ago i gave up my iphone to try android and got a nexus 6p, needless to say, i’m a noob to this still, but would this work on build N2G47H? and yes, my phone is properly rooted.

    • As of now, no they have downloads for closed on Android 6, not 7, which isn’t out. If your device is Android 6, go ahead, if not, don’t.

  3. Hello,

    I have finally updated my Huawei P9 to NOUGAT (EVA-L19C185B385 ) and installed Xposed Systemless with Magisk 13.3 and it seems works good.

    However, after several restarting the phone xposed stopped working !! (massege: framwork installed and not active)

    any help please ?

    after install this when any apps get updated, its showed incompatible with current system version. but the apps work good !!
    is any one has same issue


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