How to Install Kali Linux on Android device

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Kali Linux on androidThe Kali Linux is the best operating system for black hat hackers, security researchers and pen testers. It provides advanced penetration testing options and its ease-of-use means that it should be a part of every security professional toolbox. While Kali Linux is only available for some devices. However, this does not mean that you can not install Kali Linux on latest modern Android Device. In fact, the developers of Linux deploy have made it easy to install Linux distributions in any chroot environment using a simple GUI builder. Let’s start with installing Kali Linux on Android device.

Kali Linux resolves security on the web page, finding vulnerabilities or bugs, cracking security of WEP WiFi password. The Android smartphone or tablet allows Kali Linux to stay safe from any bug that can damage the content of the device.

Standard Packages of Kali Linux

Standard packages contain everything and anything I found useful. This list if divided into 3 parts:

Useful utilities and Software’s

A collection of utilities and software I found useful, These are day-to-day software that is available in most other Linux distributions, or at least I think they should be made available as part of the default installation.

Kali Specification

Kali Linux is a special build from Debian. Kali Linux inherits from many issues with Debian Linux. This section shows you how to solve them. They are not only specific to Kali Linux and you can leave them, but I found out that if I see an error in my OCD and I have to make it go away.

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Enhancements and accessibility

Kali Linux is made to boot up fast and low of resources. But if you have some more CPU and GPU power to spare, you might want to try to make it look more colorful and vivid.


  • A device running Android 2.1 and above, rooted.
  • At least 5 GB free space on internal or external storage.
  • A fast, wireless internet connection.
  • Patience to wait for a distribution to bootstrap from the network.
  • A Rooted Android Device

Below we’ve shared steps for downloading and installing Kali Linux on android. Before beginning the process carefully read all the steps below. If you have any doubts, you can contact us at any time by the comment.


Steps to Install Kali Linux on Android device

Step 1. First of all download and install Linux Deploy App on your android device from Google PlayStore.

Step 2. Now open the Linux Deploy App in your Android Device and click on Download Icon.

Kali Linux for Android using Linux deploy
Linux Deploy

Step 3. Now there tap on Distribution option and change it to Kali Linux instead of Linux.

Step 4. Now scroll up and click on the Install button at the top. This process could take a while, depending on your Internet speed.

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Step 5. Next, Download and Install Android VNC Viewer App from Google Play Store. Now launch the app and fill up the settings as displayed in the screenshot below:

Step 6. Now, Click on the Connect Button in VNC Viewer App. That’s it now you can enjoy hacker like feeling in your android Device also you can enjoy the dummy hacking environment in your android.

If the process is little tough or it is out of your brain then you can check out the video tutorial below for better understanding:

Video Tutorial:

After installing Kali Linux Android on your smartphone, you can make the best use of your hacking at home on your Android Device. This Android Kali Linux app can be very useful in the detection of penetration attacks on your smartphone and in this way you can be well aware of the protection of your Android.

Android kali Linux for Android is available for such devices like nexus 5, nexus 6, nexus 7, nexus 9, Samsung galaxy models and oneplus one. If you find the article useful or you like your site, you can bookmark and can share your site information with your friends and closed ones!



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