Google may soon delete millions of apps from PlayStore

Google has been sending out notices to developers across the world, explaining that it will limit their apps’ visibility, or remove them from the play store completely if they violate the company’s policy.

Even though the move may get rid of a ton of apps, it could wind up making the Play Store more useful. There are thousands upon thousands of so-called “shooter apps” that have been around for years without being updated, and many of those have been rendered useless by newer versions of Android. Not only that, but an overly crowded Play Store often makes it hard to find what you’re looking for.

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Google may soon delete millions of apps from PlayStore

The Google Play Store will soon be much easier to search through and potentially much safer to use.

Google describes the “Privacy Policy and Secure Transmission” in User Data policy, “If your app handles personal or sensitive user data (including personally identifiable information, payment information, and financial, phonebook, authentication information, or contact data, microphone and camera sensor data, and sensitive device data) then your app must:

  1. Post a privacy policy in both the designated field in the Play Developer Console and from within the Play distributed app itself.
  2. Handle the user data securely, including transmitting it using modern cryptography (for example, over HTTPS).”
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Still, it’ll be a while before anything changes on the Play Store — Google has given developers until March 15 to add the privacy policy, so it will be at least a month before we see a cleaner store.

[Source: Gadgets NDTV]


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