Google Assistant Tips and Tricks You MUST Know!

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Google Assistant is a very powerful AI assistant, capable of doing many things, Google Assistant started with Google Pixel and Pixel XL last year and was unique to those smartphones. Google has now decided to update Marshmallow or all the smartphones running with Google Assistant

Google Assistant has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and can refine your Android experience with a significant amount. Here, we have brought you 9 very useful tricks and commands that will make life easier.

1. Unlock your device by Saying “OK Google”

Unlock Device through Google Assistant
Unlock Device through Google Assistant

Google has launched a feature called “Trusted Voice” in many devices as part of its extensive “Smart Lock” program, which enables alternative security tools for Android users. One of those devices uses its voice to unlock, but depending on your version of Android and your manufacturer, there are two different ways to access it.

Normally we unlock our devices using a pattern, pin, or fingerprint identification. Google Assistant can help you unlock your device by hands-free. By adding your voice as a “trusted voice,” you can unlock your device by simply saying “OK Google”.

You can add your voice as a trusted voice by going to the Assistant Settings->Trusted Voice. Here, give the Google Assistant permission to unlock the device by voice and it’s easy! Now you can unlock your device now by yelling “ok Google”.

2. You can do Real-Time Translation On The Go!

You can do Real-Time Translation On The Go
You can do Real-Time Translation On The Go

If you are someone who travels a lot, then this feature is for you! There are many situations when you want to give a message in the native language to the people of another country.

Google Assistant can provide instant real-time translations, and Google has done a great job by supporting many languages spoken around the world. The helper enables you to translate from English into any language, just say “Good morning in german” and Google Assistant translates it.

It works perfectly well and this artificial intelligence is at its best. It is a feature which is worth finding out and there is something that can be really useful when traveling.

3. Control Your Phone Settings!

Control Phone Settings
Control Phone Settings
Settings such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, hotspots, etc. is used most often by all users. While Android Nougat has used them easily from a single swipe, Google Assistant can also help.

You can toggle Bluetooth by saying “Turn on Bluetooth” or you can say “adjust screen brightness to 70%”.

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You can control all toggles with Google Assistant and it can be useful in certain circumstances, such as turning the flashlight into a dark place without doing much.

4. Play Music Using Google Assistant!

Play Music using Google Assistant
Play Music using Google Assistant

If you are a person who hears music for better part of the day, then this feature can be a game changer. You can ask the assistant to find and run the music. Sadly, this feature has not yet been fully implemented and only a few apps can take advantage of this feature at this time. Google Assistant Default for “Google Play Music” and “Youtube”

You can find a specific song or artist and example say “Play Linkin Park” In this case, Google Assistant opens the Google Play Music app and starts playing songs.

Some third-party applications such as Pandora and Spotlight are supported by Google Assistant and this is only a matter of time unless more applications are added. This is a feature which is guaranteed to develop over time.

5. Play Games Using Google Assistant!

Play Games with Google Assistant
Play Games with Google Assistant

You might have played an emoji game, where you need to guess the name of the movie with emoji, that the Google Assistant has some really fun last games to add fun to their boring hours. You can play the quiz, talk with auxiliary and even ask some types of goods. Emoji movies are really fun to play games because most of us do not get bored and know about new ones.

You can do more things like getting jokes every day or asking the likes and dislikes of the Assistant. Google Assistant looks cautious with Cortana and Siri because this search engine is built by the giant, not only that, you can also use Google Assistant if you do not have internet access. Although you will not be able to do everything, you can still do stuff like phone settings, calling, message special contacts and more.

6. Google Assistant is a Genius Assistant!

Google Assistant is a Genius Assistant
Google Assistant is a Genius Assistant
The literal meaning of an Assistant is “A person who gives help or assistance” Google Assistant helps in tasks like setting an alarm, setting a reminder, sending an email or text message, or calling any one of your contacts.

Google Assistant is very intelligent and can answer questions like “please tell me a joke”, “fun facts please”. In fact, with limited games to choose this game, you can also play.

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Here are Some examples of what you can ask your Assistant to do:

  • What is the current stock price of Apple?
  • Call Dad
  • Remind me to take an umbrella to work
  • Do you know Siri?
  • Tell me a joke
  • Can you Beatbox?

7. Navigation in Google Maps Using Google Assistant!

Use Google Assistant for Navigation in Google Maps
Use Google Assistant for Navigation in Google Maps
Google Map is currently the best map app in the world, Traveling to unfamiliar places is very easy in Google Assistant Navigation. It also includes information about the traffic coming in and gives the estimated time of arrival to the destination.

Google has done a great job integrating Google Maps completely with Google’s assistant and it uses just to enjoy navigation

You can start and just say “navigate to work” and the assistant has opened Google Maps in which the connectors have been plugged in and you only need to hit the Navigate button to get started. Isn’t it easy?

8. Calculate Using Google Assistant!

Quick Calculations using Google Assistant
Quick Calculations using Google Assistant

A computer has computed complex calculations in comparison to humans. While Google Assistant can not perform complex mathematics like integration and discrimination, but it can manage simple but larger calculations. This can really be useful when you want to calculate math quickly instead of typing in the calculator.

9. Get to know the Outside World!

Get to Know about Outside world through Google Assistant
Get to Know about Outside world through Google Assistant

Google Assistant really knows what else is going on around the world, you can start your day by saying “Good morning” and Assistant gives you best wishes with the latest news from sources you choose.

To find out the situation, you might ask, “So I need to carry an umbrella today,” and your assistant tells you the weather forecast for that day.

If you do not want to hear news feeds, then you can search only for specific news. You can launch a helper and say “give me the latest Apple news” and Google Associate displays relevant content.

These are some quick tips and tricks that you can use your Google Assistant effectively and efficiently. Although all this stuff can be done without the use of Google Assistant, the intelligent Aid only makes the experience more refined and can help you save precious time.

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