How To Install Custom Recovery/Kernels Without PC

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Most of the times people’s feel difficulty in selecting the best recovery for their smartphone. you might not have the computer to install Custom Recovery? So in today’s tutorial, We’ll learn about How to Install Custom Recovery/Kernels without computer.

Install Custom Recovery

So, rather than looking around the internet, i’m going to share you about an application through which you can Install Custom Recovery/Kernels without computer. What does the custom recovery do? It actually flashes the .zip and the binaries files.

Let’s take an example of Dolby Atmos app, when you try to install it in your device, it will give an error or else the app may not work on your device. This is because it is specifically designed to be use in the phones such as Lenovo and Videocon. So, using custom recovery you can flash that zip file and enjoy Dloby Atmos in your phone.

If you are unable to find custom recovery for your phone then you are at the right place, there are chances your phone may get the custom recovery.

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What is Kernels?

Kernels is something that acts as an intermediate agent or we can say a middleman between software and hardware.

Why we can call Kernel a middle man? For instance, if you click on the volume button, than that hardware message is passed to the kernel and the kernel then pass that message to the software that the user wants to decrease or increase the sound.

Source: Wikipedia

Most of the kernels have different CPU speed and different CPU working processes. So we change this kernel to get the better battery life and sometimes for better performance.

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Now you have got the brief  idea about the custom kernels and recovery, so let’s move on to the next step what is Flashify and its features.

Note:–  Flashing Custom Recovery May Void Your Warranty Or May Also Brick Your phone.Try this at your own risk.


Flashify is an app through which you’ll be able to install stock recovery, custom recovery and kernels. In Flashify, famous kernels are already available to download. You can easily download those kernels on your smartphone. You can also flash system.img, userdata.img, boot.img, very easily using this app.

You can also take the backup of your kernel in your Dropbox, Google Drive and many other cloud storage. Flash the newer version of recovery using this app on your phone. You  just need working internet connection to flash anything in your device.

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Flashify Features

  • Flash boot and recovery.img without even needing to go to recovery.
  • Flash zip files. Option to wipe cache, dalvik and data when using TWRP recovery or Philz recovery.
  • Download and flash CWM, Philz, TWRP, Gapps, Franco Kernel, Stock Nexus Kernel (premium), and Stock Nexus Recovery (premium).
  • Full nandroid backups/restores when using TWRP or Philz recovery.
  • Automatic Loki Patch when needed.
  • Backup/Restore kernel and recovery using SD card or cloud (Dropbox, Box (premium) or Google Drive (premium)).
  • Keep track of recently flashed items.
  • Automatic cloud synchronization of backups between devices and desktops.
  • Flash multiple files and build your flash queue.

Flashify Drawbacks

  • Sometimes your phone may misbehave while installing the files
  • Your phone may go into boot loop


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How To Flash Custom Kernel Using Flashify

Step 1: Open the application and click on Boot.img

Step 2: Choose any kernel of your choice from the given list

Install Custom Recovery using flashfy

Step 3: Reboot now to apply an effect

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How To Flash Custom Recovery Using Flashify

Step 1: Open the application and click on Recovery.img

Step 2: Choose the recovery of your choice. I would suggest you to use TWRP recovery

Install Custom Recovery using flashfy

Step 3: Wait untill the recovery is installed in your device

Step 4: Your phone will now reboot and the custom recovery will be installed in your device

How To Flash .Zip Files Using Flashify

Step 1: Open the application and click on the .Zip file

Step 2: From the explore choose the .zip file which your want to flash

Step 3: Now, Choose the recovery of your phone which is already installed.

How To Backup Recovery and Kernel Using Flashify

Step 1: Open the application and swipe right or else click on Backup/Restore

Install Custom Recovery using flashfy

Step 2: If you want to backup the recovery just click on the recovery option or else click on kernel to backup your kernel

Install Custom Recovery using flashfy

Step 3: Now, the kernel will be backed up on your device.

Were you able To Install Custom Recovery in your phone? Let us know in the comments below. Or if you face any issues feel free to comment below 🙂


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