How to disable Autoplay Video on Facebook

disable Autoplay Video on FacebookFacebook has been changed its User Interface’s with recent updates, which has not been welcomed by users, there is another Facebook feature that should be quite the Video Auto-Play because many users get irritated of it. Not only do you always want to see what people are showing, but it also uses huge data (if your plan is not unlimited) and the problem is not only here it also consumes Android’s battery, here’s how to disable Autoplay Video on Facebook.

To make the process of simplifying, we have a mobile app for Facebook. Now, the Facebook app becomes very updated and changes are made on the fly. This has been an automatic video game for some time, but recent updates have brought the ability of auto-play sound to a video posted on Facebook with it. It’s upsetting.

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Steps to disable Autoplay Video on Facebook

Step 1. Open Facebook App and click on the three horizontal bars. Now Scroll down and go to the App Settings. For more detail check screenshot below!

Step 2. Next, Turn off the “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound” Option from the App Settings. After completed go through the “Autoplay” option and tap on it, now select “Never Autoplay Videos” from the setting menu.

Step 3. Done! Now restart the Facebook App and enjoy. If the option doesn’t appear then you’re on the backdated Facebook version. Update Facebook App and try again.

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