How To Customize Android Phone With Gravity Box

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Hi! In this article we will be showing you how to set up gravity box in your Android device and what are the tweaks you can do with it. The aspect in you need is a Rooted Smartphone, Xposed Installer and Patience to customize your android with gravity box. Many of the Android device users gets bored by watching the same UI(User Interface) all the time so if you are having good customize skills than you can do lot of customization with this application.

gravity box - killertricks
Gravity Box UI. /© Killertricks

With the help of Gravity Box you can effortlessly change your system UI, add navigation bar and many other amazing tweaks. Though there are many application for customization which are available. However for me this is the best application from which you can easily customize any android device.

Gravity Box, An overview

So, what’s the big deal with this Gravity Box,The truth is, there are smaller apps and modules to perform nearly each feature found in Gravity Box, however you’ll find difficult pressed to locate one that does it all the way Gravity Box can.

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As a quick overview, Gravity Box can control most aspects of your notification bar, the notification drawer, quick settings, navigation bar, power options and controls, audio preferences and controls, add extra navigation bars and functions, add bodily keyboard hotkeys for specific apps, tweak smartphone settings, tweak display settings and a few greater cool features. Bottom line, if you prefer to play around with the visual format of the operating system pieces, Gravity Box is your one-stop-shop of fun.


How To Customize Your Android Device With Gravity Box

  • Download all the required files from the above given links
  • Open Xposed Installer and click on Download, shown in screenshot below.
Customize Your Android Phone With Gravity Box
Download all modules on Xposed. /© Killertricks
  • Now search Gravity box on Xposed Installer, for your Android version
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Customize Your Android Phone With Gravity Box
Gravity box for your Android version. /© Killertricks
  • Download any module according to your android version
  • Now swipe right to the Versions tab and click on the download button
How To Customize Your Android Phone With Gravity Box
Tweak your Android with Gravitybox. /© Killertricks
  • Once download is completed, install the module and reboot your device. Now, Your module will be activated
  • Now whenever you want to do any changes or tweak just open the application of gravity box and you rock

Note: This tutorial is for educational Purpose Only. We are not responsible if you brick your device or anything wrong happens with your Smartphone.

This was the tutorial about how to Customize Android Phone With Gravity Box, if you need any help related to Gravity box or busy box you can simply comment below and stay tuned for more latest updates.


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