Download & Install Custom Boot Logo on OnePlus 3/3T

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Custom Boot animation for oneplusBootlogo, also known as the bootscreen, is the first image displayed after powering on the device. Scrolling in bootsplash console can be a simple view of boot messages, but it can also present graphics or some combination of both. The default image is good, there is absolutely no doubt about it, however, some people may not like it or want to change or customize it. OnePlus 3 / 3T’s boot logo can be changed and the steps to do this are further described in this post as well.

There are lots of custom boot logos/splash screens. To display all the images, the page slowed down and became leggier to browse through some devices. Therefore, some of them are displayed. However, all boot logos download links are given inline of the post together and separately. Before proceeding, Special thanks to B!Gguy of XDA, for the time and dedication they have put into creating these boot screen logos that the boot logos are really good.

Warning: We will not be liable for any damage to your device. Be sure to make a full backup before proceeding.


Downloads for OnePlus 3T:

Animation with ONEPLUS 3T and NEVER SETTLE texts

Animation with image and quote

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Screenshots of OnePlus 3T Boot Images/

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Downloads for OnePlus 3:

Animation with ONEPLUS 3T and NEVER SETTLE texts

Animation with image and quote

Screenshots of OnePlus 3 Boot Images/

Steps to Install Boot Logo on OnePlus 3 & 3T

Step 1. Download your favorite Boot logo from the above link and copy them to the internal storage of your device(OnePlus 3/3T).

Step 2. Turn off your device and boot it into fastboot mode by holding volume up + power. (The phone will display “fastboot” text indicating that it has successfully entered fastboot mode.)

Step 3. Next, select recovery mode from the fast section (use Volume Rockers to navigate and Power Button to select)

Step 4. After entering the recovery mode, click on Install and navigate to the directory where you placed the zip file on step 1.

Step 5. Final, after selecting the boot file “swipe right to flash it” and wait for few min. Then, head back to the TWRP’s main screen and Click on Reboot» System.

That’s it! The process will definitely change your OnePlus 3/3T boot image. If you would like to customize you boot animation or make boot logo change automatically, checkout below.

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Steps to Make Boot Logo Change Automatically

Step 1. Download the custom init.d script file for OnePlus 3/3T from here. and place it to the /system/etc/init.d directory of yours device.

Step 2. After Successfully copied long press the init script file, click on the three dots and select Properties from upper corner right side of your phone screen (Better use ES File Explorer).

Step 3. Next, Select Attributes and make sure that you have granted the following permissions. [Owner- RWX, Group- RX, Global- RX (-rwxr-xr-x)].

Step 4. Now, create a new folder in the sd card directory of your device and rename the folder to bootlogo (Make sure the path should look like this- sdcard/bootlogo)

Step 5. Final, Copy the downloaded boot logo(.zip) files in sdcard/bootlogo of your device (Note- Apart from the downloaded [.zip] files should not contain anything else in the folder).

That’s it! Now Reboot your Phone and you will see the magic. If you land on any issue, please tell me in the comments section below. I will try to answer as soon as possible. If this works, do not hesitate to leave a comment, this helps us a lot.


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