Fix unfortunately the process has stopped Error

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In this article you will learn how to fix the following errors: “unfortunately the process has stopped” or “ has stopped unexpectedly”. These relate to the same problem and it is really easy to resolve, so don’t worry. Check-out the solution below how to fix ‘unfortunately the process has stopped’.

Whether you use the brand new Samsung or an old HTC Phone, the problem can show up to every person and the solutions are the same. So, take a deep breath and follow our instructions very carefully to get it working again.

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1. Clear cache for the app

If you observe that the error message pops up repeatedly when you try to launch a particular app, then the cause of the problem is that app.

Go to Settings -> Apps and find that app. Tap the app and on the following page hit Clear cache. This trick might work on it.

If that still doesn’t help, you can also clear the app data, too. That means this process will completely lose any kind of game progress or chat conversations, etc., so you might want to returned for the app data first. Now, find the Clear data above Clear cache (see the picture below).

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If the problem still occurs, the next step is to try uninstalling the app (which can be done from the same page as clearing the cache and data) and reinstalling it later.

killertricks clear cache
After clearing the app cache and data, try uninstalling and reinstalling the problem app. / © Killertricks

2. Clear Google Play Services data

If clearing the cache and data for a particular app, doesn’t work, there is another quick solution that you should try. This involves removing all of your Google Play Services data, this sounds scarier than it actually is.

This method will delete your Google Play Services settings and preferences but they are easy to assign again afterwards, you probably won’t even notice it has ever happened. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Services. On the App info page, tap Clear cache.

killertricks google playstore not working
Navigate to the Google Play Services app info screen and tap ‘Manage space’. / © Killertricks


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3. Reset app preferences

Another option would be to go to the Settings -> Apps ->reset app preferences (the option for this is found via the three-dots or hamburger icon).Than, click on the RESET APPS.

reset app prefence - killertricks
Go to the Settings -> Apps -> Reset app preferences . /© Killertricks

This will bring all of your apps settings back to default, but it won’t delete any app data. In other words, you won’t lose any progress you have saved.

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4. Disable automatic application updates

Sometimes this error may happens after an app has been updated, so if you turn off automatic updates from the Play Store, the problem won’t happen as often. But you should still remember to manually update your apps anyway.

To disable automatic updates, go to your Google Play Store app settings and deactivate automatic updates.

google playstore auto update
Disable automatic updates / © Killertricks


How often do you see this error message? Did these tips help you to fix the problem? Please Let us know in the comments Below.



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