12 Best Xposed Modules for Android Lollipop & Marshmallow

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Xposed Modules for AndroidFor customization of your smartphone, there might be many third-party apps, But not be a better solution than Xposed Framework. The Xposed Supported advanced configurations, settings, and all new features, Xposed Framework is an independent and comprehensive platform. You can take your Android in another dimension with our list of the best Xposed Framework modules for Android.

The Xposed module which helps us increase the usability of a smartphone, As we know that Xposed framework need rooted device to work, because of the Xposed framework, only work on Rooted Android Smartphone. The best thing about a Xposed framework, it enables us to get the most out of our gadgets and help us to find useful things by using the phone.

What is Xposed Framework?

The Xposed Framework is a software platform that allows for the installation of modules, which can change the Android system behavior beyond. Think of it as a sort of Google Play for power users. The Xposed Framework works only on the rooted device, but this also means that the capabilities of compatible modules extend beyond what other, “normal” apps can do.

These different modules are of different types and cover almost everything in Android. You can change the colors of your entire system, get control of any customization options, and change how each aspect of your device acts.

01. Amplify Battery ExtenderAmplify Battery Extender

If you want your battery to go as far as you want, then look no further than Amplify. It is probably the best battery-saving app. This is probably seen as the best battery-saving app, greenify, which also has some Xposed functionality.

While Greenify focuses on running applications in the background, Amplify keeping care of wakelocks. These stop an app to prevents the phone from entering to deep sleep, sometimes for legitimate reasons, and sometimes because it is running amok.

If you have ever gone to bed with a fully charged phone, and after wake-up, you find out that the battery has lost 40% overnight, then it is highly like wakelocks. Amplify help prevent this from happening.


02. Gravity BoxGravity box

The Gravity Box has always been one of the biggest reasons for using Xposed. This is an incredibly comprehensive tool for modifying and enhancing the Android UI(user interface). Almost any part of the Android experience can be tweaked or improved by this app.

This module allows you to add extra functionality to your keys like Double pressing Volume keys to skip tracks. Some of the most famous features are CyanogenMod Pie Controls, Launcher tweaks, Hardware key actions, Power tweaks & Notification control (per-app notification LED/sounds/vibrations).

03. Greenifygreenify

The Greenify application disables those apps which are not in use and the best part of this app is that it will not completely stop applications like other Boosting applications, but it will reduce the workload of background running applications. Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in a unique way!

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04. XPrivacyxprivacy

XPrivacy is a permission manager that helps you to control which function and data on your phone apps can actually access. It has been one of the most popular Xposed modules for a long time.

XPrivacy can prevent applications from leaking privacy sensitive data by restricting the categories of data an application can access. XPrivacy feeds applications fake data or no data at all. It can restrict several data categories, such as contacts or location. For example, if you restrict an application’s access to contacts, that application will receive an empty contacts list. Similarly, restricting an application’s access to your location will send a fake location to that application.


05. Awesome Pop-up VideoAwesome Pop-up video

Awesome Pop-up Video is an awesome video player, unlike others. It can play the video in a pop-up window, while you’re working in another app, just like on your computer which also knows as Picture in Picture mode or Multi-task!

Some of the most amazing feature of awesome pop-up video like; Playlist support + special eye candy for Xposed Framework users, Awesome Search – an easy way to find videos, First-row” tab. One stop hub to get the trending videos around you. Saves you a click, Chrome-cast support, currently available for external videos. Happy chrome-casting., THEMES, customize the player colors to match your phone theme, Hide videos, except YouTube™ videos and much more.


06. Xposed GEL Settingsxposed GEL setting

The release of Google Now Launcher (GNL) presents a little bit of a dilemma. Google now integration is not possible with third-party launchers, but google now launcher doesn’t have many customization options. There is at least one way to go around it if your device is rooted. the new Xposed GEL Settings, which as you can tell from the name, requires the Xposed Framework.

Xposed GEL setting adds many useful features for GNL (remember that it is known as Google Experience Launcher). This is still an early release, but here’s what it can already do.


07. Zoom for InstagramZoom for Instagram

Zoom for Instagram adds the ability to zoom Instagram photos and profile pictures. Zoom For Instagram is a complementary application for Instagram and is not by any way part of the Instagram application, nor is it developed or maintained by the Instagram team. Also, read how to get unlimited likes on Instagram.

The most amazing feature of this app that it does not need root access to run on your device, but it is a bit of a clique workaround. The Xposed module is very elegant: it adds the zoom button in the middle of the official Instagram app.

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08. SwipeBackswipeback

So here we come up the another cool module for Xposed. SwipeBack, which adds global swipe back gesture to your Android phone or tablet also with some great feature like Per-app settings and Custom gesture direction.

You can set it to work globally, even though we found that there might be problems in an app that uses the same swiping gesture to open a navigation drawer. So you’re activating it only in those apps Where you will use it most, which will make it a very useful tool.

09. WhatsApp Extensionswhatsapp extension

Most every smartphone user uses WhatsApp as its primary messaging app due to its huge user base and simplicity. But at times we want to ignore people or just want to pretend unavailable. All these features were once offered by the WhatsApp+ app, which was later banned by Facebook. But this was a better version of the time i.e a Xposed module, Whatsapp Extensions is a Xposed module that adds additional features to the standard Whatsapp application like hiding the last seen, hide reading receipts, hide delivery reports, lock the different chats, Zoom profile photo, custom wallpaper per contact, and more.


10. BootManagerbootmanager

Many apps take independence with your system resources, setting themselves to load whenever you boot your device. It can take much time and waste power until Android 6.0 decides to close them down itself.

With this app module, you could prevent selected apps of running on system startup. Only apps with the permission BOOT_COMPLETED are shown in the list. System apps are marked with an exclamation mark.


11. Battery Home Iconbattery home icon

Battery home icon changes circular home button in the navigation bar in a battery level indicator. As much as you need it, it is as customization – you can add a percentage or make a thin or thick line, but by default, it is simple, and it is a type of extension that will be easily available in the operating system in the future.


12. ChromePiechrome pie

ChromePie makes the Chrome browser more useful on large screen phones by one hand, it borrowed the “pie control” concept seen in many custom ROMs. Also, Read how to use chrome data saver feature.

Place your thumbs on a specific area of the screen, such as one of the corners or edges, and the pie control appears a semi-circle panel of icons. This module integrates with Chrome and puts tab switching, bookmarks, and more within easy reach of your thumb.


What are your favorite modules Xposed? Let us know in the comments.


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