Backup your Device Using TWRP Backup Tool

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Backup your Device Using TWRP Backup Tool Most of us are Android enthusiasts, likely to flashing different ROMs on their device and before we flash a new ROM, we often make backups of our phones. I had to face only one problem which was “not enough space for my previous files on the phone” and I want to have a way to back up all the data directly on my PC.

Now it is possible to back up your Android with a new version of TWRP on your PC, however, this process is not easy for most people. If you are familiar with the ADB command, then it will be easier to create a backup for you.


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Steps to Backup you Android Device

Step 1. Download and Extract TWRP Backup & Restore tool on PC. Now, open extracted folder and launch TWRP Backup Tool.exe file.

Step 2. After opening TWRP Backup Tool, Select the “Option 7” and press Enter. This will boot your device into recovery mode (Remember before doing this process you must install ADB drivers on your PC).twrp backup tool

Step 3. The TWRP Backup Tool offer five different backup options. However, I recommend you to choose “Option 1” to keep the Full Nandroid backup.

If you face error like this then Reinstall ADB driver properly on your PC.
AdbWinApi.dll is missing

Step 4. After completing the above steps press Enter to start creating Backup. At this point, you can see the action on your phone’s screen.

Step 5. Once the whole process completed. A backup of your device will be created in the same folder in which you extracted the TWRP tool.

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Step to Restore the backup on your Android Device

Restoring the backup using TWRP tool is as simple as to backing up your device.

Step 1. Launch TWRP Tool and simply select “Option 6” to restore the full backup of your device.

Step 2. Next, Type the file name which you have backup earlier (Ex:. TWRP Backup KillerTrick).

Step 3. Finally Hit “Enter” to restore the backup and wait for the process to Complete.

That’s it! Now there would be no issue of storage, backup your whole device anytime and Restore it from the exact same place where you had backed up it. If you face any issue or Error, please feel free to leave a comment!


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