Top 7 Custom ROMs for OnePlus 3T/3 | 2017


Custom ROMs for OnePlusThe OnePlus 3T was the next iteration of the already almost perfect OnePlus 3. There was no surprise that it received so much love and support. Not only on paper but in actual day to day usage. A device being popular among enthusiasts usually comes with a perk, i.e. a great developer community. Thus, the OnePlus 3T too has quite a community behind it. Online forums are flowing with all kinds of OnePlus 3T ROMs.

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It provided a near stock Android experience with a price that was a little over half of other flagship devices. But to add more functionality to the device and take advantage of its behemoth functional hardware components, you can flash ROMs on your device. Also if you find one that you love, it is quite easy to forget that other ROMs exist as well, maybe something even better which yo didn’t yet try. Below we have provided our handpicked list of top 7 custom ROMs for OnePlus 3 & 3T.

#1 Lineage Os

Previously known as Cyanogenmod, Lineage OS came to being after the dismantle of Cyanogenmod community. But the developers managed to keep the community alive by migrating everything and soon, Lineage OS came into being. The reason is that this ROM is loved by millions of users around across the different devices. It offers a stock experience and then some. With this, you get a theming engine, pre-rooted ROM, status bar customization and many other tweaks already installed. The builds are tagged with the same build number system as CyanogenMod, where 14.1 stands for Nougat 7.1 and 13.0 stands for Marshmallow 6.0.

LineageOS ROM for OnePlus 3/3T

#2 Oxygen OS 7.1.1 Open Beta

It is the cleanest, most stock Android like OEM skin you will ever use and as a result is super fluid and fast, unlike some other OEM skins. But that’s not all there is to Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS is all about simplicity and respecting Google’s vision for Android. While the stock OnePlus ROM does not come with the very fancy features some power users look for, it does come with some nifty and very welcome features. One of those is the Dark mode that turns the entire UI dark as the name implies, utilizing the AMOLED screen to save some battery. Other features include a built-in app locker, lock screen gestures and button customization. There’s very little reason for the average user to want more.

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Oxygen OS 7.1.1 for OnePlus 3T

Oxygen OS 7.1.1 for OnePlus 3

#3 Slim 7

The SlimROM team has released Android 7.1.1 Nougat version of its Slim7 ROM for a wide range of devices. Currently, in its early testing stage (alpha 2), Slim7 custom ROM now supports Nexus 6P, OnePlus 3, OnePlus One, Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi) and HTC One M8. Slim7 brings various new features and customization options, besides Android 7.1.1 Nougat’s native features to supported devices.

Slim7 ROM (Android 7.1.1 Nougat) is the slimmed down version of AOSP (Android open source project) ROM but at the same time a feature rich alternative to all other androids OS.

Slim 7 ROM for OnePlus 3/3T

#4 Resurrection Remix OS

If you frequently flash the ROMs or read our blog then you might have heard about this one. The Resurrection Remix OS is the only ROM till now that has a ton of features to make your device feel like your own. Every feature you have seen in any other ROM is present in this one as well as some of the original ideas have also been added.

This is undoubtedly one the best ROM! Resurrection Remix is a mix of tons of functionality, timely update, top class security, smooth and fast UI. It is based on Android 7.1 Nougat. RR offers a theming engine, status bar customization, notification, download pause on wifi disconnect, gesture, animations, on-screen button ON/OFF and a whole lot more! It also has the same if not a better battery-life. Just go check it out. It will be worth it.

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Resurrection Remix ROM for OnePlus 3T

Resurrection Remix ROM for OnePlus 3

#5 AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended is an AOSP based ROM which provides stock UI/UX with various customisations features along with the Substratum theme engine. The project has been made by cherry-picking various commits from various other projects. Being based on AOSP it provides a smooth and lag-free experience out of the box. We will constantly try to add more features and make it even better in future updates. A ROM by a user, for a user. #StayAOSP #ExtendYourDevice #BeExtended

Omni 7 ROM for OnePlus 3/3T

#6 Freedom OS

This is a little older ROM, hence it is based on Android 7.0. It features an aroma installer. It has the Permissive kernel, Adaway, Substratum theme engine, Google Assistant and much more. FreedomOS also allows you to debloat your ROM smartly. Everything is customizable, you can install the most minimalistic ROM, like a fully modded ROM.So basically, it installs the untouched stock ROM and installs and remove all the functionality you have selected in the aroma.

Download Freedom ROM for OnePlus 3T

Download Freedom ROM for OnePlus 3

#7 Omni 7

The OmniROM team has released the first Omni 7.1 Unified Build for OnePlus 3/3T that brings latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat to the device. If you are looking for an alternative to stock OxygenOS for your OnePlus 3/3T, then you might like the OmniROM. This is a unified build, which means the ROM supports both OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, so your device should meet few requirements to install this custom ROM.

Omni 7 ROM for OnePlus 3/3T

So, all the ROMs mentioned above will definitely help you improve your Android experience and add more functionality. Make sure to try these ROMs and comment what you think of them.


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