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With over 1.3 billion users and a huge amount of video content appearing every day; YouTube is undoubtedly the best destination on the Internet for entertainment, music, and education. Most of its users consume the service from mobile devices and, this official YouTube app is getting better and better with just every update, however, with such popularity, third-party apps for YouTube may be inevitable that you have them You have already used some of them before. But, here, I want to share some cool YouTube alternative client applications for Android that can take your YouTube experience to the next level.

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Now, most of the Youtube related Android apps here are not available in the Play Store. Okay, this is due to YouTube’s strict TOS and restrictions by the YouTube API. However, the sources connected here are official and safe to download. Let’s dig in.

1. FlyTube

flytube for youtube

FlyTube gives wings to YouTube, it allows you to play a YouTube video at the top of other apps. Flytube comes from the creators of Flyperlink (bubble link browser), so you start by allowing the app to overlay other apps. Then you can log in to your account and start using the app.

All videos open by default as an overlay, you can play it in full screen. This is the best helper for multitasking, listen to music while browsing the web on your phone. You can download it from Here.

2. Shuffly

Shuffly for youtube

Shuffly works with the name only. It shuffles through YouTube videos and lets you watch random videos of your interest. It uses the pseudo-random algorithm to shuffle through video. You can revoke a particular channel or choose a category like music.

It also gives you the option of viewing in the YouTube app. Shuffle is an interesting feature that YouTube should adopt. It actually allows you to enter your favorite YouTuber’s older video. This is very Amazing.

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Get it on Play Store.

3. Videoder

videoder for youtube KillerTricks.com

Videoder is a famous third party app for YouTube that allows you to download YouTube videos in various formats including MP3. But, in recent years it has evolved to become a YouTube alternative. Easy to browse and download videos with recent updates

While watching a youtube video you can only share the video with the video player and it will give you the option to download it in available formats. It also downloads full playlists and is a quick option for downloading featured videos in various formats. This is my app AI for downloading the video You will definitely love it. download the app from Here.

4. NewPipe

newpipe for youtube

The NewPip is an open source lightweight YouTube option that does not really use the YouTube API to buffer content. It’s just a scene from YouTube that lets you watch videos, download them, and play them in the background.

You can also play a video in an external video player of your choice or if you have got the Kodi Media Center you can also get an option for this. However, the option to sell me was an option to play video in the background that allows you to play music videos while doing other things on your phone. New pipes are available for free Here.

5. Modified Ad-Free Official YouTube App

Modified Ad-Free Official YouTube App

Are Ads suck? We have enough equipment for web browsers on our PC to block ads and, they work perfectly, however, this is not the case for mobile applications. Apps like AdAway sometimes doesn’t block certain Ads on our smartphone. Even if you’ve got a rooted Android device, especially for YouTube, then there is a casual app that lets you download YouTube videos without any ads.

The Modified ad-free version of the official YouTube app has been developed by developers Arter97. First, need to uninstall the official YouTube app (using Titanium Backup) and place the modified APK in the root directory of your phone where the actual youtube app is placed. Here’s a complete guide, the app works perfectly like the official app, however, you will not get an official update, so you should consider. However, arter97 is regular in updating the modified APK whenever there’s a change in the official APK. Download Modified APK from Here.

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6. AudioPocket

pocket audio for youtube

Audio Pocket is a standalone app for listening to YouTube music videos in the background. All you have to do is share the link to the playlist with the music video or audio pocket. And, this will turn the video into MP3 and playback in the background.

This is the best way to stream music using YouTube on Android. You can download AudioPocket it from Here.

7. ListenOnRepeat

Listen on Reapet for youtube

ListenOnRepeat is a popular online service that allows you to play YouTube videos again and again. Okay, you get the option to loop video on YouTube’s official website. However, it is not available on mobile devices. ListenOnRepeat has been developed for this special work.

It helps you manage looped videos and you can listen to music while multitasking on your phone. Just like FlyTube, it overlays the video on other apps so that you can listen to your favorite music while doing other work.

Get it on Play Store.

Well, YouTube’s API is strict and it restricts developers to develop an Alternative client app to a certain extent. These are the best alternative Android app for YouTube that you definitely should try. If you know any other app or are already using one, then share them in the comments section below.

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