5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android | Edit photo like DSLR style

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5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android
5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android | Edit photo like DSLR style

Photography was probably not as popular as it is today. At least this is my uneducated opinion since smartphone cameras become better and better, nowadays everyone takes a stunning image with their camera or wanting to take an amazing picture with them and with the need, we bring here 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android. I am not a photographer at all but my first Samsung note 6 Edge, with simple amazing background blur feature, I found myself wanting to take a great DSLR-style picture with the app and do justify. People want best Photo Editing Apps for Android with one of the most desired effects in their pictures is to add blur effect. So that many smartphone OEMs have started to feature blur effect in their stock camera app.

This looks a DSLR look and feels to the pictures. If this is done right then the pictures look quite professional, it probably saves a lot of money for those who want to share pictures on social media. This effect is also called pre-focus effect, and it uses the ability to understand the depth of the objects contained in the photo of the camera. But, it is not necessary the effect that you need to take a picture. Of course, the effect is natural when it comes from the camera lens, but our smartphone camera lens is not anywhere, as far as the DSLR is close to the size of the lens.  So Here are 5 apps that can help you achieve lens blur effect with pictures on Android, Apps for Android to Edit photo like DSLR style blurred background.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

1. After Focus

after focus android app
After Focus Andriod App. /©KillerTricks

This app allows users to add blur effects to an existing picture from the gallery or take a new photo with an existing Camera app on the device. It does not have an inbuilt camera nor does it need one. Even if you’re taking pictures with a smartphone camera that supports blur effects, the effects are only added in the post-processing anyways. There are two modes here:-

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Focus allows users to add staining effects to an existing photo from the gallery or take a new picture with an existing camera app on the device. It does not have an inbuilt camera and does not need it even if you are taking pictures of a smartphone that supports the blur effect, the effects are added to post-processing anyway. Here are two modes –

  • Smart mode lets you easily choose which parts should be in focus and you should be blurred by drawing a straight line with your finger
  • For manual mode, you need to rub your finger across the area, which you want to stay in focus and everything else will be blurred

Download on Google Play

2. PicsArt

picsart android app
Picsart android App. /©KillerTricks

I’m not sure that you will find a list of photo editing which does not mention PicsArt, no matter how small its scope is. If such a list is present, then it is deliberately trying to ignore this app or it is not just a well-made list. Now I’m not a fan of this special app, but when you’re editing photos on Android, it’s best. Complicated to use, but more than 100 million downloads of feature packs simply suggest that this is the last photo editor on Android. Regarding the blur effect, however, there are at least 5 blur effects in the app – normal, smart, motion, focal and radial.

Download on Google Play

3. Photo Editor by Aviary

aviary android app
Aviary Android App. /©KillerTricks

Aviary is one of the most popular photo editing apps on the Google Play Store. This is not just an app that lets you add a blur effect, but there is a complete photo editor with lots of tools, effects, and filters. The reason I mentioned aviary is that it has an excellent ‘focus’ effect that allows users to select focus area using circular or rectangular selection tool.

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When you apply the effect, the rest of the picture outside the selection is clearly blurred. You can edit the image before saving the last copy and apply its other effects and filters.

Download on Google Play

4. Cymera

cymera android app
Cymera android app. /©KillerTricks

Once again a photo editing app that can not be included in this post Cymera. But yes, there are blue effects on your pictures in the app. Unlike some other editing apps, the Cymera, as the name suggests, is also a camera app. It is mainly that, photo editing is actually considered a feature for the camera. But again the roles have been reversed. The blurred effects given here are similar to Aviary. This means you can select the focus area with a selection tool and then blur the rest of the pictures.

Download on Google Play

5. Lens Blur

lensblur android app
Lens Blur Android App. /©KillerTricks

All the above apps have got some really good effects and all part with blurred features. But what if you do not want the power of fire? I got it. Sometimes you want all your photos, a beautiful and professional look, no filters and unnecessary editing. Lens Blur is, however, an app that will not be seen keeping you in mind if you only want to apply blurring effects. What you only have to do with the lens blur, tap the photo where you want to focus. The app handles the rest themselves.

Download on Google Play

So, these are the 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android | Edit photo like DSLR style like blurred background. Hope you like the list of 5 best photo editing apps for android. If you think any of the photo editing apps are missing which fits in the list, then please feel free to comment below. We guaranteed we will bring the app into our list of 5 best photo editing apps for android. Please share this post with your friends.


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