How to Increase battery life on Android | 2 Ways

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increase battery on androidIn today’s busy life, we often come into the situation when we can often recharge our smartphone again and battery suddenly run out when we need it. There are some high-end smartphone users who have come in a situation where their smartphone battery runs for 6 to 7 hours.

Most smartphones consume a lot of battery which makes the android user very upset. I am going to share you how you can save your battery, without boosters or nothing but by a working application.

Battery savers or battery boosters do nothing, they stop background applications for a certain period of time and according to me, they use more battery than other applications. I would like to suggest that you uninstall some of the applications that use more battery. Android versions such as Lollipop, marshmallow, and Nougat have UIR UI (User Interface) and something which we like the most is Transition effects.

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Ways to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Method 1: Using Developer mode

  • Open your phone settings and click on About Phone

killertricks battry saver

  • Now click on BUILD NUMBER for 7 to 10 times (Congratulations Your Are The Developer Now)

killertricks battry saver

  • Click on Back button you will find new option which is Developer options
killertricks battry saver
  • Open Developer Options now search for 3 options given below in screenshot and turn it OFF

killertricks battry saver

  • This was the method in which you can easily save your battery life in your non-rooted device.

Method 2: Using Third-party apps

To start with this method, make sure that you have a rooted Android device with the Xposed installer. To start you need to install the Greenify app. The Greenify application disables those apps which are not in use and the best part of this app is that it will not completely stop applications like other Boosting applications, but it will reduce the workload of background running applications.

  • Install Greenify application from here.
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killertricks battry saver

  • Open the application and allow for root access in your device if you are having xposed installer you can even activate this as a module

killertricks battry saver

  • Click on plus icon(+) and allow the root access of your device
  • Add applications and now click on hibernate by clicking on “Z button” down below right side of your mobile screen.

killertricks battry saver

Now, your applications will be hibernated automatically and you don’t need to press hibernate again and again like we do in other applications.If you like our tutorial? Share it on Facebook and stay tuned for more Android Tips & trick 🙂 Thank You for visiting.


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