Top 10 Best New Games 2018 | Android & IOS

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Top 10 Best New Games 2018 | Android & IOS, In this article we take a look at top 10 best new games 2018 | android & ios. This list includes best new games 2018, free android games, best offline android games, best free HD android games, best high graphics games, best open world android games, best free offline android games, best insane graphics android games, top, new & more. Also includes the best new games of 2018 which players can race, open world, fighting or fps, action-adventure, RPG, and creatures.

10 Turbo League

turbo league game

Turbo League is a free and fun racing game by Zorro Four LLC: Combine our real-time physics with your driving skills and push yourself through your opponents to explode the goal. Turbo League offers players an opportunity to run cars faster with rocket-assisted engines in the future-looking arrivals, with the aim of breaking a ball in a goal. This game includes online multiplayer support for two teams of three players, and it also provides cross-platform support for Android and iOS gamers, so you will not struggle for players.

The game also includes a dual editor so that you can make visual changes in your turbo league cars. It has its own messaging system that will allow players to invite their friends to play online. While the game is free to download and run, keep in mind that it includes support for in-app purchases.

Android | IOS

#9 The ABC Murders

The ABC Murders game

The ABC Murders is a mystery adventure game for the Nintendo DS, based on the Agatha Christie novel The ABC Murders. The Game was developed by Awe Games and Black Lantern Studio and was published by Dreamcatcher Interactive. In the game, players have controlled Captain Hastings, who inspects the scenes by inspecting crime scenes and raising questions on suspicions. In order to appeal to players familiar with the original story, the game also offers the option to play with a different killer, which results in different clues and testimony throughout the game.

Android | IOS

#8 Arcane Knight

Arcane Knight game

Arken Knight is a battlefield game developed by Corvus Games. They are here, walk to our land, rob villages, and cities, attack roads and crossings. Even more, coming from every direction and worst, our armies were defeated!

A small group of elite knights, who are secretly trained in war and magic in our lives. Put your armor, keep it on your sword, prepare your deadly mantra and mount your horse It’s time to join the battlefield because you are one of us you are a mysterious knight in the game!

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Android | IOS


BADLAND 2 game

Badland 2 is an Adventure game designed by Frogmand Games and has been released on iOS and Android platforms. Like the first game, the player flies around a small black creature through the jungle of the game. At the beginning of the 1st day, the game progresses through four stages (morning, noon, evening and night), each with a different color scheme and a new topic of a trap. But unlike the first game, new strategies like flying in both directions in the game, like new obstacles like water, fluid, flame, frost, magma and sewer light. The game also has a new mode in which the creature is made on the rolling wheel. Players through online leaderboards also offer standalone challenge stages to compete against their friends.

Android | IOS

#6 Afterpulse

Afterpulse game

Afterpulse is a first-person shooter Created and developed by Digital Legends Entertainment, S.L. and published by GAMEVIL Inc. In the game, Personalize your headgear, full body armor, equipment, and grenades or other advanced equipment and open your full potential. Power up, combine and develop more than 800 primary and secondary weapons with infinite possibilities. Choose your fighting style: Handgun, Shotgun, Invasion, SMG, LMG, Sniper, Rockets. Show your reputation and experience with exclusive series weapons like waiters, chrome, night caller, dragon. Master your tactics and skills in training mode.

Android | IOS

#5 TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight game

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight is a fighting-RPG game published by Kabam. Transformers game offers fans a way to control and run different types of Autobots and Decepticons from all parts of the Transformers franchise. You can choose the 80th Edition of Optimus Prime to fight against Megatron Michael Bay-theme live-action edition. If this is your thing, such a story, players have created a team that is corrupt Known after the group of transformers, as well as their naturally evil master too.

Android | IOS

#4 Injustice 2

Injustice 2 game

Injustice 2 is a fighting android game being developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The basic gameplay is largely similar to its predecessor, although with the adjustment of pre-existing game mechanics. Injustice introduces a new feature called the Gear System, a robbery-dropping system that gives prizes to players with costumes and tools that can customize the characters’ forms and modify their abilities and figures. Can be used. The story follows five years after the events of the original game, attempts to revolt around the center of Batman and the restoration of society after the fall of Superman rule; However, their efforts are complicated by the newly formed supervision group “Society” and Foreign Brainiac.

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Android | IOS

#3 FZ9: Timeshift


FZ9: Timeshift is 2018 shooting OpenWorld game being developed by Truong Chinh and published by HIKER GAMES. The basic gameplay in Accompany Mak, a lost American soldier on a quest to eradicate the AS — a terrorist organization. Pick up rifles, machine guns, and rocket launchers to eliminate enemies with the aid of bullet time. Observe carefully, take aim, and BANG! FZ9: Timeshift features your favorite weapons — such as the Glock, AK-47, M4A1 — and an in-depth upgrade system that allows you to create your own unique weapon in the Armory. In addition to story missions, take on new challenges in three other game modes: Compete with other players in PvP, gather valuable resources in Cycle Missions, and get ready to be surprised with unique tests in the Weekly Challenge. Embark on a variety of daring missions — and protect the world from terrorists!

Android | IOS

#2 Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld game

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld in 2018 based OpenWorld being developed by Digital Studio and published by Gameloft. The game is all under Mexican underworld. A diverse city falls of criminals and evil. The local police have organized a fight against the mafia. Gangstar: New Orleans is a crime simulation game, you play a hand urban mafia and build your reputation. You have to struggle with the two sides: the rival mafia and the police, and you have to manage the entire work of the mafia boss, build my kingdom. And some unique feature like Sharp graphics, authentic and detailed explore the vast city, many interesting mysteries Excellent and impressed design.

Android | IOS

#1 Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen game

Lords of the Fallen is a mysterious fighting design and developed by Digital Studio and published by CI GAMES SA. The basic gameplay is Lords of the Fallen is a mysterious action game where you battle gothic monsters in a thrilling 1-on-1 combat. Use swipe controls to attack, dodge or parry. But keep in mind that quick wits need to be combined with the right strategy to defeat enemies.

Jump into a brand new mobile experience set in the universe of Lords of the Fallen. Join Harkyn, Yetka and Kaslo as they journey deep into the heart of a forsaken monastery to end the reign of the Demon Queen Acasha once and for all.

Android | IOS

These are the top 10 Best Android & IOS Games of 2018. Hope you might like these games, If you like one of the games from the list please let us know in the comment below!

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