Top 10 BEST Android Apps of May 2017

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Android apps that stand on top of all the gods alone, these apps have become ubiquitous with Android, and if you are looking for good stuff then it is believed that you already have some of these accessories and are late Without, these are the best Android apps available right now! Be sure to come back as we keep updating every month! Also, see TOP 7 New Android Apps of April 2017.

With millions of apps in the Play Store, it’s hard to find the top best free Android app. Whether you need a great weather app or a new browser, there are always dozens available here in Playstore, we’ve spent hours cutting the top Android apps for each purpose, and compiled them in the best of just one list. TOP 10 Free Android Apps of May 2017.

10. Today Weather – ForecastToday Weather - Forecast android app

The Today Weather – Forecast is one of the best weather apps. I’ve come across in quite some time from its clean User Interface with great colors customizable icons and weather animations. To load weather information, this app comes with a number of awesome looking widgets and overall the app has a very nice attractive view and it is an absolute breeze to use, I highly recommend you guys try this out.


09. Look Up – A Pop-Up Dictionarylook up android app

Look Up is a handy tool for those who like to read a lot and perhaps come across words that you need the definitions. Just long press on a word and hit the three-dot menu and there you will see ‘look up’ tap on that and ‘look up’ will pop the definition of that word and
everything else you need to know about it along with the audible pronunciation.
Look Up comes with a translate button and a favorite button this is a really very useful tool especially for those that are coming over from the iOS side of things and missed the lookup
feature from over there halfway down. So try this app todayI am sure you will really enjoy this app. Also, see Top 5 Best Paid Icon Pack for Android Free Download.


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08. myWallsmy wall android app

my walls are the another very interesting android app by Luca Cassani. Very solid on splash client each photo is manually selected from the site ensuring that you’ll be getting the best of the best the walls are displayed in a simple grid order so you can favour walls to better also to keep track of them and there’s a dark mode which is something I really love to see in call paper apps but other than that you’re getting some very nice attractive and high-res wallpapers that are sure to keep your home screen looking extra fresh. Also, see 5 Alternatives/Similar Games like Super Mario Run | Android & iOS.


07. PixUp ZooperPixUp Zooper android app

PixUp Zooper is the another great app. This app has quickly become a favorite of mine because this app comes with cool widgets and you’ve got nearly a hundred of them to choose from the pack is mostly based off of Google’s looks which I love very much. Widgets like search bars, weather widgets, Google now, inspired stuff the list just goes on and on I love it this will definitely add something special to any home screen setup. Also, see 10 Best Educational Apps for Android.


06. PalettePalette android app

So here is the next app Palette, what this app allows you to do is to extract all the main colors of a picture and give it the hex codes for each one so if you’re some sort of designer or artist and you need to get the exact color code this is the app you want it’s super easy to use you can choose photos directly from on splash or you can select your own from your gallery check it out now. Also, see 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android | Edit photo like DSLR style.


05. Sharesquaresharesqure android apps

Sharesquare well this app had something I wish every contact app had by default. This app can create QR codes out of your contact so the other person using this app can quickly scan the QR code and save the contact information, this makes it quite quick as you don’t have to type in the name and other details additionally you can also chat so right from this app which is kind of cool check it out now.

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04. CaffeinateCaffeinate android app

So next we have caffeinate well as the name implies. This app will keep the device awake until the given time, first make sure you have Android Nougat or above. the app automatically add an extension on your notification panel so you now can tap on it to activate caffeinate you can increase the timer by tapping on it again and again and cancel it anytime from its notification honestly, it’s a great app best for me while shooting up videos as the device goes to the sleep mode after a given time and I really hate changing the screen on time.


03. Flight – Flat Minimalist IconsFlight - Flat Minimalist Icons Android app

with clean flat white icons, matching wallpapers and widgets for clocks, battery, and weather. Flight features transparency in the icons to blend in well with your backgrounds. Widgets offer color, size, and font customization and hand-picked wallpapers of skies, clouds & landscapes are included.


02. Snap Swipe DrawerSnap Swipe Drawer android app

Snap swipe basically it’s like a sidebar but with a twist, if you love having a clean home screen this app is really very handy to pull down the notification bar from the top right
corner and here you have all your favorite apps and widgets it makes sense instead of having your home screen cluttered you can have your frequently used apps and widgets here moreover you can customize the trigger area and then again getting the pro version will get you more features.


01. MiXplorerMi Xpoler android app

Mi Xplorer this is my favorite file explorer reason being is simplicity and organized UI from the side you can navigate to files according to its type, whether it’s a video, audio, documents, apk etc. Additionally, you can lock your files and folders from it, apart from all this mi xplorer offer all the required tools for organizing your files. However, this app isn’t available on the Play Store, I have given a download link below of XDA.




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